Saturday, 4 August 2012

On the map!

Hi Pavlova! We used to have a cockerel that crowed in the mornings but your Kookaburra is hilarious. It would put a smile on my face every morning unless it was early like my cockerel. I love pancakes and I am glad you had some for lunch on Friday. I would have liked to share your pack lunches. We are not allowed to share or swap our pack lunches at school, are you?

Thank you all for your comments on my Japanese breakfast. It was really fun to do. Why don't you give it a go and send me your photos so we can see who is best at recreating it.

Dad was really excited this morning because he typed in 'Lirangwe Primary School' and Google maps found it! That's where our Friends of NeverSeconds kitchen is being built. No pictures this week. It's only 55 days until we head off to Malawi and I had my injections this week. I had one in each arm but they didn't hurt. My brother has a bruise over one though! The injections were for Typhoid and Hepatitis. I want to find out if the children in Malawi have the injections too.

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I am at my grandparents house and today they got some back backpacks donated to Mary's Meals. Grandpa John told me backpacks don't need to be new and its a great way of recycling your backpacks when you get a new one for school. My sister and I helped to check the backpacks all had the right things in them. There was soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush wrapped up in a towel. Also there was one exercise book, or a few small ones, a pencil case with a rubber, ruler, sharpener, pens and pencils. There were labels on the backpacks saying what age group the bag was for and whether it was for a boy or girl. Most of the clothes were tops, shorts and shirts with sandals or flip flops. The shoes in the photo are not going in the bags. They are ours. We had to take them off because Granny has new carpets.

An exercise book in Malawi costs a week's wages so its great to be able to send so many over. If your school wants to make loads of backpacks Mary's Meals can collect them and get them sent off to the children. I'm afraid there is no backpack scheme in America.

A big thank you to George from Spokane who took our total past £113,000! It is very kind of you to support Mary's Meals and I hope Pavlova sells loads of lemonade with her friends!

NeverSeconds is off to Brazil next week, just like the Olympics. I am looking forward to hearing all about it from our two boy guest bloggers. I think they will write in Portuguese!




  1. Looking forward to Brazil next week.

    Google needs to go and update it's images for the region and take some higher resolution ones, but great to see an aerial view of the school.

    Congrats on passing £113k, well done all supporter's, and of course to VEG and her Family for starting this blog and raising the awareness.

    The backpack project is an awesome idea, hopefully our friends around the globe that at present are unable to support this will be able to soon.

  2. Many food banks across America have similar backpack projects that anyone can participate in! Just contact your local food bank for information. :)

    Keep up the great work, Veg! You are spreading awareness around the world, and it is amazing!