Friday, 3 August 2012

Farewell from Pavlova!

This is my last blog of the week. It has been fun and I love reading all the great comments. I liked the look of the bento boxes. Smarter than my packed lunch box.

Veg’s raspberry pancakes looked so good we made some pancakes for my lunch and put in smoked salmon and cream cheese with a squirt of lemon. What do you think? I had some rock melon and strawberries for after. There are lots of strawberries here at the moment. My crunch and sip was a tub of grape tomatoes.

Food-o-meter- 9/10 nice but not my favourite but still really yummy
Health rating- 9/10
Mouthfuls- 49
Courses– main/dessert and my recess snack
Price- about $5 but not sure
Pieces of hair– none- my mum must make lunch with a hair net on!
Amount of his packed lunch my brother brought home uneaten- NONE!!! 2 days in a row all gone!
Number of Olympic medals won by Australia-. 13. UK is doing really well with 18 but America and China have loads more.

We have a Kookaburra that visits our garden so I thought you may like to see a picture of it. Its laugh wakes me up in the morning. I know it’s not really food though my cats think he looks tasty!

I am going to miss writing this. I think someone is blogging from Brazil next week so that will be fun.

I will let you know how my lemonade stall does. I worked out that my school lunches cost about $23 this week. Mary’s Meals could feed someone at school for 1 ½ years with that. That is something to think about.

Good luck Veg with your trip to Malawi and being a Great Scot.
Your friend in Perth


  1. Dear Pavlov:

    Thanks for writing this week and good for your brother eating all his lunch, again!

    All the best,

  2. What a cute bird! I hope you thank your mum everyday for those meals. Takes lot of time to make that nice lunch. Thanks for searing. :)

  3. I tryid to comment, but my computer would not work so one last try now! What a cute bird! I'm from Finland and I have 4 cats and 4 kittens, they would possibly see lunch if they could saw that bird. ;) Your packed lounch looks very nice. I hope you thank your mum every day for making those, it's lot of work. Thank you for searing!

  4. Pavlova, thanks for blogging. I have enjoyed your posts, and I LOVED the recording of the kookaburra. I sent it to my niece, whose birthday is today. It must be amazing to be waked up by such a racket. :)

    VEG, you are awesome, and regardless how the awards go, you are indeed a Great Scot. I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, and sent a complaint when you were temporarily barred from taking pictures. Today I received a response from the Argyll Council. It was nice they responded, but even better they reversed their picture ban.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks to all the guest bloggers and those who send in pictures from around the world. It's fascinating to read and see them, and your work on behalf of Mary's Meals is brilliant!


    George in Spokane WA, USA.

  5. These posts always make me so hungry!

    LOVE the Kookaburra!


  6. Replies
    1. It's what we Aussies call Cantaloupe!
      Hope that helps??!!

  7. Wow, I live in the US and I've seen that type of bird but only in the Australian exhibit at the zoo! How wonderful to see it out in the wild! I'm interested in the pancakes...that's nothing I've ever done. I am a mom to a 4 year old and it looks like something she would like. Our "pancakes" are big and fluffy and wouldn't roll up. This looks like something we would do with a tortilla. Could someone give me an idea of how to make that???

    1. Meredith,

      It is easier to post a ink for UK pancakes, here is one recipe:

      copy and paste into web browser

      enjoy your pancakes!!

    2. The recipe I use for pancakes is really simple :)
      4 ounces (120grams) plain flour
      2 eggs
      Half a pint of semi skimmed milk (or sometimes quarter pint each of milk and water)

      Put the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle
      Add the eggs
      Mix well (it'll look v bumpy and disgusting)
      Gradually add the milk/water, beating well

      Heat a small amount of butter in a frying pan (medium heat)- as the butter melts, spread it around to cover the frying pan's surface
      When the butter is sizzling, pour in some mixture- enough to thinly cover the surface
      Cook for approx two minutes then flip and cook for a further two (roughly) minutes

      I use a fairly big pan and that makes six pancakes! I serve them hot with various toppings (ham/cheese/pesto/chicken/baked beans or even nutella/strawberries) but I'm sure they'll tast yummy cold too :)

      Hope that helps :)

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    4. Looks like the pancakes - Pfannkuchen - we got here in Germany. You can make them "pure" for spicy filling or sweet.

      2 large eggs
      1/2 cup flour
      1/4 cup milk
      1 pinch of salt
      1 tablespoon butter

      Mix ingredients together until smooth. Should be enough to make four pancakes, so pour about 1/4th of the mass into a pan with melted butter. Make sure to spread the mass evenly in the pan. As soon as the upper side isn't wet anymore, turn the pancake over to bake it on the other side too.

      IIf You use a spread with a creamy dressing (or one based on mayonaise..) it might be good to let the pancake cool a bit, so the dressing doesn't get runny.

      For the sweet version add sugar to taste to the mass before mixing. I'd use a tablespoon for the given recipe. Shouldn't be too sweet, 'cause most of the sweetness comes from the spread You use on the pancake ^^
      Here in Germany we use marmelade / jam for that. Just spread some over the still hot pancake and make a roll from it.

      Or we add fresh fruit slices to the mass when it's put in the pan. Thin slices of apple are good, but nearly any fruit can be used. Just try it and see which fruits serves You best.
      Children might like it best with banana ^^


    5. Thanks everyone. I really like the idea of a savory one. Us Americans tend to eat too much sugar!!!!

  8. Thanks for guest-blogging, Pavlova! I enjoyed your entries very much~

  9. "I am going to miss writing this. "

    You can get some help and set up your own blog and keep writing. Your audience won't be as large, but you will still enjoy writing the articles.

  10. It's been a joy, Pavlova! Is a rock melon what we call a cantaloupe here in the U.S.? Also, all week long I've been wondering what the little red disks attached to the food containers are. Is it a neat gadget that keeps it cold?

    Wonderful job!


      It's rubber to prevent slipping on surfaces.

  11. Farewell to Pavlova!

    Such a great week of blogs Pavlova, thoroughly enjoyable reading. Perhaps if this continues past the Malawi trip you may be able to guest blog again.

    Thank you from the UK and all the best!

  12. I love this blog and I've enjoyed reading Pavlova as much as I enjoyed reading Blod from Wales. Great guest bloggers in the true spirit of VEG.
    I'm in a little town on the Spanish-French border called Colera, (pronounced Culaira), how many seconds?
    Bona nit (which language?)
    Helen x

    1. Pavlova, you did an amazing week of lunch reviews. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and commentary. It would be difficult to ignore the Kookaburra for long in the morning. No sleeping in with that loud call outside your window. Better than a rooster/cockerel. Took me about 90 seconds to find Colera on Google maps (I enjoy switching from map setting to satelite setting to get the gist of an area.) It is about 5km from the Spanish/French border on the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia. My guess 'bona nit' is either Catalan or Aranese (Occitan).
      Bill in Nova Scotia

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Right Bill, Bona nit is Catalan and we are on the coast where the sea is crystal clear.
      bona nit!

  13. Bye Pavlova, have really enjoyed your blogs this week, well done x

  14. I listened to the kookaburra clip - its laugh sounds like those flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz! I wonder if that's where Oz's movie sound guys the inspiration for them :)

  15. Well done Pavlova!! your writing, photos, and humor are interesting to learn more about Australia...loved seeing the Kookaburra, my cats would love to watch/hear him (from inside of course)...BRAVO to your Mum, three children, a job, home & a working garden, yet she finds time to make yummy, interesting and healthy lunches, even an adult would love!!! Do keep up your writings & thank you again for your blog this week. Victoria, San Francisco USA

  16. By the way, for everyone asking about the pink things on the lunchboxes - they are just decorative pieces of plastic that are part of the lunchbox itself. I happened to see one exactly the same today (in Sydney, on the other side of Australia) so I am wondering if they are from one of the home brands of Woolworths, one of the main supermarket chains we have here. Anyway, that's all they are, something to make the lunchbox look interesting (and pink!)

  17. Well done Pavlova, you write really well. Please keep it up if only for your own pleasure, never lose the joy or writing.

    Have checked VEG's JustGiving page - now past £113,000 - truly amazing. Onwards to £120K :-)

    Maybe we should a target for UK donations to get more out of the taxman. GiftAid figure now standing at £18,415.33. Get going UK!

  18. Dear Pavlova, thank you for inspiring me to make vietnamese springrolls today for my packed lunch! They were lovely! But the sauce I made to dip them in was not as good as I know it from the restaurant!

  19. Anybody else remember the Kookaburra round-song from Girl Guide/Scout camp as kids?

    Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,
    Merry, merry king of the bush is he,
    Laugh Kookaburra! Laugh Kookaburra!
    Gay your life must be.

    Meredith, you could make those pancakes with your regular pancake recipe. Just add enough more milk so that your batter is very thin.

    I love looking at Bento boxes, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to eat anything out of one. They are such an art form by themselves that I wouldn't want to take something out to eat it and mess up the intricate design. And the photo of the antique one is exquisite!

    I love the idea of kids having something healthy to "crunch and sip" on during the day.

    Thank you for a wonderful week of great blogging, Pavlova!!

  20. I remember singing that! I love the picture of the kookaburra and all your blogging this week.

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