Thursday 24 January 2013

Is mud!


I'm sorry I have been away from my blog for so long. I wasn't sure if I was going to write again but then I heard about plans to celebrate school meals from around the world! I love looking at what other children eat for their school dinner and what they think about it. Although dinners look different and taste different they are important to all children. For some children it's their main meal, like in Malawi with Mary's Meals and the 'Friends of NeverSeconds' kitchen.

The big idea I heard about is International School Meals Day and it's coming very soon! The website launches on the 1st February and the actual day is on Friday March 8th. Lots of countries are involved and there are some brilliant ideas.

I am going to pick out my ten favourite meals that I have been sent. Please send in yours to share to There will also be an update from Lirangwe, Malawi, on the 'Friends of NeverSeconds' kitchen (we have raised nearly £129,000, thank you!).

I'm also going to try and cook some recipes from around the world. There is a new book about children cooking around the world that I want to try. I will probably get more ideas from the website when it opens. I don't use Twitter, my dad does, but you can follow @IntSchoolMeals and #ISMD2013. I am going to blog until the big day, honest, because i have missed writing.

This is the first International School Meals Day and people have shortened the name to ISMD but that sounds like 'is mud' to me!