Thursday 25 April 2013

Join me

The Sunday Times has a new campaign to improve school food and I love it!

Some school dinners are amazing. It would be great if all dinners were amazing. The campaign wants to make sure all school meals are healthy and tasty so more of us want to eat them. The best thing is the campaign is starting with a competition so anyone between 7 and 18 can send in their review of their school dinner. There's a fantastic prize to go for lunch in London at Bruno Loubet's restaurant in London. If you don't live in London you'll get help to get there and stay. I promise if you win everyone will joke with you about writing a review. It happens everywhere I go still!

So please join me and be a school food reviewer! Send in your reviews to the Sunday Times Campaign website. You don't have to have great food to win the competition just write a great review!

Good luck,