Tuesday, 7 August 2012

No beans.

Hello people! Here speaks Enzo Buzz, and this is my first post in the week :-[) ! Now I have news from Brazil and I ate at the lunch: rice and beans, a beef, a bowl of salad with - tomatoes, lettuce, grated carrot, grated purple cabbage, slices of cucumber and corn - and french fries. To the drink a glass of fresh juice, is a glass of a fresh grape juice,.

in the video in the Veg post, I made one mistake: I said several times that we eat beans, but I don't eat beans. I speak that because all of the Brazilians eat beans, but I don't eat.

Food-o-meter- 9/10
Health rating-7/10
Mouthfuls- 500g
Courses- main and my recess snack
Price- R$10,00 ($5)
Pieces of hair- empty of hair (miracle)
Number of Olympic medals won by Brazil- 8 (Brazil get an golden medal in male gimnastic today!!! xD)

Today is only this, this all folks, See Ya!


  1. That's a lot more food than I was expecting to see! I think even I would have trouble finishing it all :D

  2. That looks very delicious. Sorry you don't like beans -- I love beans!

  3. Aw, Enzo, I love beans! Sad to know you don't like them. But your lunch looks awesome and very "brazilian"! :)

  4. Arroz, Feijao , bife e batata frita!!! Delicia!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As an Brazilian the thing I miss the most here living in Germany is rice and beans!! I love it!!!

    R$ 10 Reais is a little too expensive!!! but there is a lot of food!!

    I love to see this post from Brazil!!!!

    1. JR 10 reais is cheap in 2012!
      O Brasil prosperou muito nos últimos anos, mas os preços subiram também, nem tanto pela antiga inflação, mas muito porque os custos embutidos são altos.
      Obrigada pela visita!

    2. Tsk.. lots of rice and beans here in Germany. You just have to cook'em yourself ^^

    3. Hello and welcome Enzo Buzz. That's a good looking meal to me. And the french fries look perfectly done, not greasy. Have to say I think the price is fair considering you have a salad and fresh juice. In Canada that would cost $8-$10, maybe $12. I like both beans and rice but have never tried them together. Its time has come. When I was a boy we had home baked beans with bacon chunks from a crock every Saturday supper with fresh baked bread, usually brown bread or Johnny Cake (corn bread). Delicious memory!
      Bill in Nova Scotia

  5. That looks like a filling lunch! Except the beans. I don't eat those, either, so you aren't alone in your dislike for beans, Enzo!

  6. R$10 está barato! Dificilmente consigo almoçar com menos de R$15 aqui em São Paulo (sem bebida!). Você deve estar mal acostumado aí na Alemanha xD

    O SESC é limpinho! Não é um "milagre" a comida não ter cabelo hehehe

  7. Hi Enzo! Great meal!
    Unfortunately, I cook beans only once a week because my triplets don´t like to eat beans so often!
    Enzo's lunch is a regular meal of middle class' Brazilian children. However, my kids(also Brazilians) don't eat too much salad.
    I will tell them to visit the blog to read this post!

  8. Oh, I forgot, have you checked out by blog, it's www.dragonpile.weebly.com!

  9. Minha filha estuda em uma escola técnica federal e 3x na semana ela almoça lá. Hoje estávamos conversando e ela comentou que é obrigado ter arroz e feijão todo dia na escola.
    Tô adorando a participação de brasileiros no blog ;)