Wednesday, 8 August 2012

At the Curumim.

Hello people!

Here speaks Enzo Buzz, and this is my second post in the week :-[) ! And now, my lunch isn't in the school, but in the Curumim (means kid in Tupi-Guarani, a Brazilian Indian language) project, at SESC, the project that I participate (this is my first day there!), and there is a very different local. The refectory it´s a big self service, and has several dishes to eat. But have very healthy dishes, but not everything we on the Curumim can eat. One thing is the soda. In the Curumim, no one drink soda. Only juice or water. To the desert, we have fruits, or fresh deserts, when have this.

In the Curumim, I ate grilled sausages 'n' onion, green leaves salad, rice, manioc crumbles, pesto pasta salad, to the drink is a passion fruit juice and to the desert, a banana, but I doesn't get one :-(, another thing is Never Senconds! We doesn't get the second dish, then we get a big meal.

Food-o-meter- 9/10
Health rating- 8/10
Mouthfuls- 400g
Courses– main/dessert
Price- about R$10,00 (£3,16,$5)
Pieces of hair– none
Number of Olympic medals won by Brazil-. 8. Men Soccer : Brazil 3X0 South Coreia!!! Go to golden Brazil!!!

Tomorrow I go to the school, what's the new dish?
Today is only this, this all folks, See Ya!


  1. Thank you, Enzo, for this interesting post! I just love that you work so hard on your English. I studied Portuguese in college 20 years ago but I forgot most of it. :-( I remember obrigado, though - so Obrigado, Enzo!

  2. Very, very good, Enzo! Is very cool to read your posts here, sharing with all our food preferences in Brazil. Congrats!

  3. Hello everybody. Thank you very much. Enzo is enjoying the opportunity to share a little of our culture (and study English in posts). Best regards
    Guilherme - Enzo & Giorgio's dad

  4. Tô adorando ler os posts aqui. Assim me força a melhorar o inglês que abandonei faz tempo.
    Parabéns pro Enzo que nesses 2 dias comeu mais salada que eu ;)

  5. Thank you! You are doing a great job, Enzo! Your English is very good. The food looks very interesting. I enjoy seeing how people eat around the world! Keep up the great work!!

  6. Enzo, great job in your posts! Are you and your family Brazilian Indians, or do all kids get to go to the Curumim? (And the Brazilian volleyball players are amazing!!). Keep up the great job, Erin (Seattle, WA. USA)