Wednesday, 12 December 2012

And the winner is........

OK. I will now announce the results!

Aichi won the Victory for the The School Lunch of the Year in Japan (Kyushoku Koshien) in 2012.
Defending champion, Wakayama finished second prize this Year.

I was surprised that David tweeted "Wakayama and Aichi scored " after I posted the latest report.
"How do they know that???" (I was adding up the twitter votes! - Veg's dad)

I have checked all of plates on site. I also have tasted these menu. Then, I guess who will win.
But that expectation was ill-founded.

First prize menu of Aichi is;
Cooked Rice with Baby Sardine and Green Tea Powder (left),
Teriyaki Chicken Meat Loaf with Local Grown Vegetable, Lotus Roots Salad (center),
Deepsea Smelt and Carrot Ball Soup (right),
Green Tea Flavored Rice Cake Stuffed with Bean Jam, and Milk.
Sounds delicious?

Thank you and best regards,



  1. Ok I"m praying for Your work.God is provide.

  2. Sounds delicious! Their hamburger (which turned out to be a chicken meat loaf) looks real good!