Saturday, 17 November 2012

Something new!

Today I ate something that I never ever ate before. It was actually really yummy. Everyone else at my table except Spencer, my friend, thought it was gross. I had some chili and cheese in a bread bowl, salad and some canned pineapple. There was beans, corn, peppers and it wasn’t spicy. It was vegetarian. I ate it all. Next week is vacation and then I go back to the famous baba lunch, a sandwich made by my dad.

Food-o-meter- 10/10
Mouthfuls- 41
Courses- Chili and bread, salad bar and milk
Health Rating- 8/10
Price- $2.00 US
Pieces of hair- 0

From Ian in San Diego. Thanks for letting me send you letters.


  1. What did your friends think was gross? The bread bowl? Back in the Middle Ages bread bowls were common in Europe, including the British Isles so their ancestors probably used them!

  2. That looks nice, but the chili looks like it's touching your pineapple! I love veggie chili - my mum makes it really well with Quorn and rice but we add loads of spice so you have to eat it with milk (:

  3. The food itself looks good, but I'm so confused by the box it is served in....pretty unappealing to me :/

  4. Glad to see that the food looks much better here!

  5. I actually think the cardboard box/plate is a good idea.Just needs a piece of cardboard as a separator to prevent all the food from mixing :)

  6. This time the chili looked quite good! Indeed bread bowls have been used for ages, that's a fine idea which even tastes good if it's well-made bread.

    But those cardboard boxes where everything is mushed together still give me a stomach ache.
    Why aren't real plates or at least trays with compartments for the different courses used, which are cleaned and re-used over and over again? This works great in my son's pre-school and school over here. Why shouldn't it work in San Diego, California, too?

  7. Much better today. It is a shame that they don't provide a smaller cardboard dish for the fruit, to keep it separate. It is better than styrofoam trays but quite unappealing.

    It's also a shame the fruit is not fresh, as tinned fruit will probably have extra refined sugar added to the syrup. And a few small lettuce leaves is hardly a veg portion. Good to see plain ss milk though.

  8. Yes, that paper tray makes me cry inside. Hoping to share this article with my boss, maybe we can serve chili bowls, too! Styrofoam plates aren't half bad, if your school can find someone to recycle them :)

    Love your blog, Veg, and the guest posts are fun!