Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Octo-dogs at sea!

Veg here

I had omelettes at my friend's house last week. I haven't had one since school ended and I really like them so I decided to make one for lunch. I had to go down to the hens to get the eggs but I remembered to turn off the electric fence so I didn't get a shock!

I cracked three eggs into a bowl and added a splash of milk and some pepper then beat them. I also put in some blue food colouring but it mixed with the yellow and made a green omelette! I sprinkled some ham and grated cheese on as I cooked it.

You can see why I wanted to a make an omelette sea now, for my octo-dogs! Thanks for the idea Bento Mama.

Tomorrow I am making my Japanese breakfast. I will ask you all to rate it. I am enjoying Pavlova's blog but it is unfair that her Australian winter is warmer then my Scottish summer! A company wants to use my photos to make a white board programme for schools so I asked her for a donation for Mary's Meals and she gave £50. That's brilliant and we are nearly at £113,000!



  1. I love the idea of octodogs I might have to try that - then again my 13 year old foster son might not think it's cool enough lol.

  2. Your omelette sea is brilliant! When we make octo-dogs, we cut them and then drop them in boiling water for a minute or two - then they curl up their little tentacles all on their own! My boys like them for bento lunch because they're cute, even though they don't particularly like hot dogs :)

  3. Dear Veg/Martha:

    Good job to ask them for a donation - and so nice of them to help up the donation total! I am enjoying how around the world your blog is getting!

    All the best,

  4. Please could someone define 'bento' - I've not heard this word before.

    1. I don't know 'bento' either Cath. Thanks for asking because I was too chicken to look stupid and ask first, something I used to tell my students not to be afraid of. Love the meals everyone. The meals are so good I now eat while reading the posts. That way I don't get hungry and have to eat again. That was messing with my diet. The octo-dogs are rocking the waves! I'll have to try the "omelette sea" with my grandson(age 2) and grand-daughter(6). This has become a fabulous global adventure. Love it! Thanks to all the kids who post, the adults who help, the donators to the Mary's Meals/NeverSeconds cause and the posters from all over the globe for tidbits of knowledge and culture being generously shared. Wela'lin - Thank you in Mi'kmaq.
      Bill in Nova Scotia

    2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bento

      Basically what the Japanese call a packed lunch.

    3. Cath, Bento Mama guessed blogged mid July - She came from Vancouver and made octo-dogs for her children!

    4. Bento is just the japanese word for a lunchbox meal.

      It's often made to resemble manga / comic characters, flowers, animals etc. though it doesn't have to, to be considered bento.

      VEG, You might want to stay away from food colours, 'cause they're often made by pure chemistry. If You want to use them, rather try to find food colours made from natural sources.

      Nonetheless Your sea with octo-dogs looks great ;)


    5. Bento (弁当 bentō?)[1] is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container.

  5. Cath, I believe it a word used in Japan meaning a 'boxed lunch'.

  6. Bento or Obento are the name for packed lunches in Japan =] usually home-packed but now it seems there are specialized stores selling it or they can be sold at convinience stores... when it's decorated with cartoons characters it's named kyara-ben.

    I really like this site about obento: http://justbento.com/

    And I love this blog too! =]

    Keep it up, Veg and guest bloggers! ;)

  7. Bento: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

  8. I made octopusses today for lunch, with one fried egg, tomato and lettuce salad. We had fresh orange juice to drink too. My children could not stop laughing and totally taught their mother had gone crazy... but then, this is understandable since they are 13 and 15!

    VEG I really like reading the blog and thank you for today's giggle!

  9. That's a funny lunch, like it! :-)

    A LOT of money, well done.

  10. Love the Octo-Dogs VEG!! Great job! :)

    -Bento Mama