Monday, 30 July 2012

Hello Pavlova from Perth, Australia!

Hi Everybody! My blog name is Pavlova and I am 9 years old just like Veg. I live in Perth – not in Scotland- but in Western Australia. Can you guess why I have called myself Pavlova?
I go to Dalkeith Primary School and we don’t have a school canteen so I have to take a packed lunch every day. We all eat outside our classrooms on the shady veranda.
It is like having a picnic everyday. Here is a picture of my lunch today.

I had Vietnamese chicken spring rolls filled with grated carrot, coriander, capsicum (that’s red pepper) and the left over chicken from my Sunday roast. It was delicious dipped in chilli sauce. I had fruit salad after though Mum forgot to pack a fork so it was a messy business! I had an oatmeal cookie for recess which was tasty too.

Food-o-meter- 10/10- it was delicious
Health rating- 9/10- lost a point because of the cookie though it was homemade.
Mouthfuls- 48
Courses– main/dessert and my recess snack
Price- difficult to say as was bits of leftovers from our Sunday lunch though about $3.00.
Pieces of hair– 0
Amount of his packed lunch my brother brought home uneaten- about half and all of his fruit!
Number of Olympic medals won by Australia- 3 one of each color!

At my school we are not allowed junk food as we have a healthy eating policy. There is a traffic light system of food. Food on the red list is not allowed. This is sugary and unhealthy food. We can have food from the amber list sometimes and we must try and eat lots of healthy stuff off the green list.

As Veg said it is winter here in Australia but it has been a beautiful sunny day. It was 23 degrees. I have just checked online and it is 14 degrees in Scotland though I guess you may still warm up a bit this afternoon.

It great news that Veg has been nominated for the great Scot award. I hope she wins.

I am really excited to be in filling in for Veg this week. See ya tomorrow!


Veg's dad here We've had a great science project sent in by the William Campbell College in Nowra on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. So over to Steven who is 7 years old.

'My Australian food that I chose is Ginger Beer. My mum buys ginger beer for me and I love it.

Ginger beer is “red” food. That means you can only drink it sometimes. The main ingredient of Ginger Beer is ginger, and it tastes really good. It’s not like other beer, because it doesn't have alcohol in it, so kids can drink it too. One serving is one bottle(375ml) and it has 40g of sugar!
Ginger beer is my favourite cold drink. If I was allowed to, I would drink it every day!


  1. Pavlova is one of my favourite desserts! Welcome :)

  2. Pavlova: That looks a very scrummy lunch.

    Steven: I can see why gingerbeer is in the red list.

  3. Ginger beer is a favorite of mine, and like you I would drink it every day if I could - I love the taste of ginger - the one I drink has 31g of sugar though - so it's a treat, not something I can drink very often.

  4. Dear Pavlova:

    Your lunch looks yummy and i am very fond of Vietnamese Spring Rolls. They are a fun way to add more veggies and herbs to a meal!

    Might your nom de plume have something to do with one of the world's most delightful desserts and a beautiful
    showcase to the bountiful fruits of Australia? Yum!

    Thank you for writing, I look forward to reading more!

    All the best,
    Santa Barbara, California

  5. Those vietnamese chicken spring rolls look delicious!!! :-)

  6. Pavlova, I'm guessing that you called yourself Pavlova after the tasty dessert with merengue and fruit. (Either that or the Russian dancer, which is less likely on a food blog.)

  7. LOVEING the mix up of different schools and the random lunches from around the world. I am enjoying how everyone has thrown in their own little twists and it is good to see that new people are starting to follow it daily. Keep up the good work!

  8. Such a healthy lunch, Pavlova! Looks delicious. This entire blog is inspiring me to eat healthier myself. I changed my diet a few years ago and I'm eating healthier now than when I was younger, but I still eat more junk food than I know I should. Keep up the healthy lunches, kids - you're inspiring adults to eat better, too :)

    And it's also incredible how much sugar is in just one bottle of soda. That's an interesting project, William! I'd like to see more photos like that.

  9. Hi Pavlova, I reckon you call yourself that because you wish you lived in New Zealand, where Pavlova comes from :)

  10. I am going to guess that you are a dancer, probably a ballerina. That, or you chose the name because you are a big fan of the dessert which was named after the dancer.

    Those spring rolls look AMAZING! I have never had Vietnamese food, but a new place just opened up near me and seeing your lunch I now am determined to try it!


  11. Steven: is all that sugar the amount that is in one bottle of the drink? maybe it should be on the Infra-red list, or whatever is more unhealthy than Red!! I like the lo-cal ginger beer, myself

    Pavlova is such a beautiful name to choose, and you can even watch the original Anna Pavlova on YouTube filmed in 1907 dancing as beautifully as her name sounds. (The dessert is good, but maybe a once-a-year treat!)

    Hello from Canberra, an Australian place not named after anywhere in the British Isles, but from the Aboriginal word for "meeting place", because people gathered here - for many tens of thousands of years - to prepare to harvest Bogong moths which flew to the nearby high country in massive clouds to escape the summer heat of the western plains.

  12. The ginger beer looks great...even though it has a lot of sugar. Ginger itself is actually really healthy. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, natural pain reliever...and is super helpful for nausea or upset stomach. So the benefits may outweigh the negatives in this case.

    Also, I would love to have that lovely lunch pictured above, too!

  13. I make my own ginger ale/beer! I buy club soda or plain seltzer water and use fresh chopped or grated ginger root and sometimes I add fresh squeezed lemon juice. I do not add sugar but I suppose you could, but you might want to make a simple syrup first.

    As for Pavlova, I think you may be taking ballet classes?

  14. Bundaberg Ginger Beer is my favorite too! I have to buy it at a speciality store here in the US. It is pretty expensive, so always a special treat!

    Love your lunch Pavlova. :-) Very healthy and unique. With a nice cookie treat.

  15. Hi Pavlova,
    That's a very tasty looking lunch! And it looks very healthy too!

    I'm guessing your name was chose for the meringue and fruit based dessert from Australia that, I'm told, was invented in honor I the equally famous ballet dancer from Russia, also called Pavlova.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your lunchtime adventures :-)

    Janaki (Chennai, India)

  16. Awesome lunch! I wish kids in Czech Republic, where I live, had the same policy for school lunches. It'd be great if Pavlova could post the green, amber and red lists so that we knew what's on them?:-)

  17. Also, ginger beer is my favourite too! But when I found out that it contains more sugar than Coca cola, I was amazed! So i had to stop drinkin it:-):-)

  18. Welcome Pavlova and Australia,

    Great blog yet again, and what an amount of healthy food you have - and a picnic every school day. So you have fresh food and fresh air.

    Ginger beer is a very nice drink, although I try and avoid any bottled fizzy drinks. I did used to have a ginger beer plant and make my own. Perhaps I should make another one.

    Looking forward to some more red items as the week progresses.

    A great start to the week, well done!!

  19. Hi Pavlova, the thought of eating lunch on your school veranda is so appealing, please would you consider posting a pic of it or the whole school including the veranda so i can see if it's anything like i imagine.
    Thanks, George.

  20. I want Vietnamese spring rolls for dinner now!

  21. Since I saw these fotos I want vietnamese spring rolls...

  22. Hi Pavlova, very interesting to hear about your schools healthy eating policy, it sounds brilliant. I think thos Vietnamese spring rolls look amazing, I am off to google a recipe so i can try them out and talk about them on my blog one day :-)