Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dinner- Sheffield, UK

Hello, I am Julie, mum to 18 month old Robin. We also live in Sheffield, England although I grew up in New York State, USA. For dinner tonight we had beef stew, broccoli, Robin had some cream cheese and whole wheat tortilla wrap that he didn't finish at lunch time, and a cup of milk.

It isn't really stew weather where we are right now but we had it leftover from Friday so it really needed using up! The stew had beef, onions, potatoes, carrots, and peas--you can try making it for yourself if you want to, the recipe is here.

Food-O-Meter: 7/10 (Robin eats this meal better than most but any bites of peas or onion came right back out!)
Mouthfuls: 24 that I caught!
Course: Main
Health Rating: 9/10 (I think! I find it hard to judge but everything is home-made so it must be all right!)
Price: Somewhere around 75p for this portion.
Hair: None!
Spoons dropped and chewed up by the dog: 1

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  1. The meal looks healthy and yummy!
    My son is the same with peas. We had a huge tantrum at home just yesterday evening over peas :)
    He spits out anything green in colour and sometimes just plain refuses to try it. But, it is a battle I will wage until I win!

  2. Loving the new categories that get added on with each new post. 'Spoons dropped and chewed up by dog'...cute! Thanks for your posting.

  3. When my daughter was four (she's 10 now) she went through a short stage where she wouldn't eat anything she didn't like the color of and green was of the colors. Unfortunately, she didn't like the color white and the stage coincided with our trip to Singapore (lots of white rice). I just ignored it and she got over it pretty quickly. I don't think her dislike of all things white extended to vanilla ice cream, though.

    That beef stew looks yummy. Our dog snags paper towels off the table and shreds them up.

  4. I'm loving the fact that I see broccoli on a lot of these kids plates and haven't (yet) seen anything about refusal to eat it.

    Cruciferous veggies are so good for us (and kids). While peas are also good for us, they're almost more a starch than a veg. I kinda figure kids will get over their aversion to peas in time. In the meantime, it's great that so many are willing to eat broccoli.

    And I think onions are an acquired taste. I know a lot of people hated onions as children but -- as adults -- don't think a burger (beef or veggie) is edible without a good sized slice of onion on it.

    Julie, I'm dying of curiosity. I'm sure that red-handled thing must be a spoon, but in the photo it looks more like an ice-pick to me! **Cue scary music** :)

  5. I was lucky with my daughter, she ate more things than I did. The only things she wouldn't eat were beets (I don't blame her, nasty things) and canned tomatoes (she said they were slimy). She was even eating hot sauce, etc. when she was a toddler. I always said she had to at least try something before she vetoed it!

  6. Very colourful. I wish I could send in entries.

    To VEG's dad: can we have a week when the adults could send their meals too?

  7. Hi Julie & Robin,

    Thank you for sharing your dinner with us, I agree very colourful.

    When my youngest was very young, she would happily eat onions like apples and she still loves eating lemons like oranges. By the way this was her choice.

    I remember the peas :)

    She eats cooked broccoli but will eat it raw, she loves her raw veg and plants.