Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Breakfast - Brigerbad, Switzerland


Richard, Anest, Harri (4) and Anwen (3) here - you can call us RAHA! We live in France, but are on a camping holiday in Brigerbad, Switzerland at the moment - how many seconds VEG? (12 seconds!- Veg)

In France, little ones start school in the year they turn 3 so neither of my monsters are pre-schoolers anymore, but since we are in France and as there is no canteen at the school, I still get to feed them three times a day as they come home every lunchtime. There is a lunchtime option at school by an external provider, but it's expensive at 6.50€ (£5) per day even if it is starter, main, cheese, bread and dessert. Only about 20% of the school children eat there.

Anyway, this week is not about school meals...back to them next week. As I said, we're camping at the moment and here is what we had for breakfast:

I tried to keep it as Swiss as possible to my knowledge (any Swiss readers out there please feel free to comment). There was some Gruyère Cheese, a slice of Swiss Ham, 2 slices of bread (one with strawberry jam) and 2 Reine Claude Plums. In the beaker is some chocolate milk. Seconds of cheese, ham and plums were had. There was Birchermuesli (muesli mixed with yogurt) on offer too, but that was rejected. We don't normally eat a savoury breakfast and I'm not sure why as I much prefer it! It was meant to be A's plate of food, but she ate most of hers before I could take a photo and she was not interested in rating it as she just wanted to get down and here is how H rated it:

Food-o-meter: Great!
Mouthfuls: we forgot to count, but if H is enjoying food it disappears in big mouthfuls so probably not that many!
Courses: Breakfast
Health Rating: H said it was not healthy because of the jam...I asked him what "healthy" meant and he said "yucky"...hmm work needed there...(I would give it 8/10)
Price: about 4 CHF (£2.60)
Pieces of hair: 0
Pieces of grass: 1

Hope you enjoyed reading...we're off to see the Aletsch Glacier this morning, hope the breakfast sees us through until lunch...then again, we are on holiday, so we may find a nice boulangerie along the way!

Thanks to VEG for your inspiration and to VEG's Dad for your hard work in bringing this to us all and of course to everyone for the superb amount of money raised for Mary's Meals so far - its amazing how so little money can go so far - keep it coming!



  1. Looks like a lovely breakfast, RAHA.

    I struggle with mixing sweet and savoury food, so I would have to eat the jam and the fruit as a breakfast 'pudding'.

    I hope you all have a wonderful time at the glacier and find something delicious to snack on later.

  2. jam and ham and cheese in the same meal sounds strange to me, but then I often combine strange foods in the same meal and have others think I'm odd so it's not really a big deal. I've also never seen plums that colour before, unless they were unripe, are they sweet tasting?

    1. They are tart; a little sweet, but mostly tart. The skin inside is yellow like the inside of most res or purple plums. They are ripe when green.

  3. I think I first had cheese and jam on bread for breakfast in Germany. I thought it was an odd idea but it was surprisingly nice. You have to have mild cheese though. I don't think it would work with blue Stilton! Though maybe I should try it!

  4. Hi RAHA,

    Great post and it looks like you are having nice weather.

    Breakfast foods vary around the world and the only time I have been to Italy, I was quite shocked at the amount of cake on offer.

    For the few days I was there, I had fresh strawberries and yoghurt, followed by some toast.

    Have a great holiday and thank you for sharing your breakfast with us!!

  5. You have the fixings for a Monte Cristo sandwich! A Monte Cristo is a ham (sometimes turkey) and cheese (usually Gruyere or Swiss) sandwich fried like French toast, dusted with powered sugar and served with jam.

  6. This looks to be a perfect breakfast to me. Here in the US we tend to eat a lot of cereal, hot and cold, or heavy meals. I like the lighter things like bread with jam or ham and cheese. Just because it looks to be a lunch in some countries in others it's a perfectly good breakfast. I would say quite healthy - maybe sub wheat bread for the white instead.

  7. As said above, in Germany it's quite normal to have sausage/ham, cheese and marmelade/jam for breakfast. Add some cereal / muesli and an egg boiled to taste and You got a very nice mix that carries You over a good part of the day ^^

    Nice to know: we got more than 300 different kinds of bread, over 300 different kinds of cheese and even more than 1500 different kinds of sausages here in Germany. Sitting in the middle of europe for centuries and importing all different kinds of food and eating habits has it's advantage, I guess ^^

  8. I first saw those plums in Switzerland; now I grow my own in the United States. They are ripe when green.

    Gruyere is wonderful, but I have to admit, having lived in Geneve, Lyon, and Clermont-Ferrand, that French Emmenthal and Swiss Emmenthal are not quite the same. I love both, and Gruyere, too!