Friday, 8 March 2013

Number 4- Alba, Spain!

Danny's mum sent in this picture from Alba in Spain (20 seconds!) because Danny is only 10 months old and is at nursery. I still like eating with my hands and this is perfect!

I love the cute teddy bear bowls! LEFT: lunch one consists of white flesh peaches, strawberries and yogurt melts under they also have a meal which was cous-cous, broccoli, cucumbers and roasted salmon RIGHT: day two lunch he had poached apple pears, strawberries and blue berries, for the meal he had pieces of swede and fresh garden peas.

It costs 1 euro, about 80p, and I think I could eat three but there again I am nine not 10 months old!


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  1. I hope someone takes out the pieces of green plastic, or Danny might try to eat them!