Friday, 8 March 2013


Veg here!

Good morning to Enzo Buzz and Giorgio Bros in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1 minute 15 seconds because I used Grandpa's atlas and it's the biggest book I have ever seen!) Thank you for your email. I am glad you help your mum to cook. I help my dad.

We normally have a Sunday roast but I really like the look of your lunch. It is very colourful. Thank you for sending a video about your guest blogging. I do not know what to expect from Brazil so it is very exciting. I hope you are enjoying the Olympics. It is very special and you will enjoy them in Brazil in 4 years!

Thank you for the translation!
"Now let's talk in Portuguese. We will participate in the project NeverSeconds representing Brazil this week.
Here in Brazil we do not have (is) all day studying, we studied only one period, or studied in the morning or afternoon - it's cool, you know, gives us more rest is better.
It is not everyone who eats lunch at school, and generally only those who want us lunch at home. This week we will have lunch at school.
We participate in a project at a place called SESC and there we have a place (way) totally different food, is quite different and there will be two days, Tuesday and Thursday.
Here in Brazil we usually eat rice, beans, vegetables in salad or cooked meats and varied. Interestingly, rice and beans, which is what we usually eat, we do not think abroad, here in South America has the same countries that do not like to eat rice and beans and we really like here is the thing we eat more (or more frequently).
So that's it, thank you. It`s all folks, see ya!"

I really like watching your carnivals on TV. They are so colourful. I think I will learn more about Brazil this week.



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