Friday, 8 March 2013

Bento Boxes- Japan

I am not listing these top ten in any order but I love the look of Japanese food!


Dear VEG and VEG's Dad,

I'm from Tokyo, Japan. Your blogs interested me very much. And I admire your activity for Mary's Meals.

Since about "bento" has become the topic of comments, I would like to present two photo for Veg's blogs readers.
Bento is being used in various situations in Japan from former times. For trip, picnic, of course for school lunch, and also Hanami(cherry blossom viewing), Sumo viewing(Sumo is the traditional Japanese wrestling), and Kabuki theatergoing(Kabuki is a traditional theatrical drama).

One photo is the most traditional old style bento-box which was made of gold lacker in 18th century. This contains four lunch boxes, a equipment box and two bottles for Sake(rice wine).

Another one is a bento for Hanami. This cuisine style is carried out today in Japan.

Best regards,
Tadami Yamada

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