Friday, 1 February 2013

It's today!

I won't be able to look at the International School Meals Day website until I get home from school today. I hope I will find some more bloggers on it!

I got a great email from Enzo Buzz from Brazil that guest blogged in the summer with another post. Here it is. Thank you Enzo!


Hello people!

Here speaks Enzo Buzz from São Paulo, Brazil.
I'm so glad to be back!
This Tuesday I also returned to school, after two months of Summer vacations, starting 8th year grade (I think you call this last year in Junior High or middle school).
But I'm not here today to talk about school or my lunch there and to be honest I didn't stayed in school for all the classes and I had a great reason for that.
Started today in my city the biggest geek and technology event in Brazil: Campus Party. But, besides the "party" in the name, this is a really big professional meeting where thousands of technology and social media workers and students think about our future.

I was there to heard about Social Good and one of the speakers was a young girl 1 year older than me. Isadora Faber is 13 years old and a few months ago she created a fanpage in Facebook called "Diário de Classe" (School's Journal) and got really famous with this. The best thing is that she really changed this School and she kept strong even suffering bullying from teachers and students and now she is an example for several kids in Brazil.
Do you want to know where she got that inspiration?
She saw Martha's story on TV and decided to use the idea of Never Seconds to help her own school in Florianópolis, a middle city in South of Brazil.
My brother Giorgio and I took a picture with Isadora today specially to send greetings and to say thanks to Martha for inspiring us.

Then, today is only this, that's all folks, See Ya! :-D


  1. I live in Florianópolis, and saw all the changes that Isadora achieved for her school. Despite all that she has suffered (her house was attacked with rocks, and her grandmother was wounded; she was threatened by classmates and teachers) continued strong with hes goal and we're very proud of her. I hope she continues denouncing corruption in educational system and achieve improvements not only for my city but for the whole country.

    Congrats Martha, for being such an inspiration!

  2. I was a teacher, and while I was in college my dream was to revolutionize the world with a practical and useful lesson for life, with teaching plans that worked in a school where students would form brihantes and happy. Unfortunately public education here in Brazil knocked me down. Bureaucracies, very poor students who only ate at school (had no food at home), uneducated parents and directors and managers without patience and unmotivated, and with very low payments. This leaves deep marks of dejection and hopelessness in Brazilian public education. Unfortunately I gave up. I could not stay in an area that is beautiful! And I also had problems with depression. But today I am very happy to see that there are people (and little people like you, Veg) who still move the world for the better. In my day did not have computers or the internet speed to "embrace" my projects. I just wanted a better future, but maybe my mission has really been done through my prayers to God. You, today, are my hope. Continue this great work, including Isadora (I live in Rio, Isadora, and I see further destruction of public property here too.) What would be good if we had an Enzo, Isadora and Veg in every school!
    Congratulations to all who make it happen.
    Kisses from Brazil.

    PS.: Sorry my rusty english.

  3. very exciting, looks interesting. three of them looked happy. See you back fella ..

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  5. great.share.with.far.friends.

  6. Friends will never separated by distance and time, good post and greetings from Indonesia

  7. I suppose Martha has understandably moved on and no further comments are being accepted, so I'll keep this short as I expect it to disappear. Full marks Martha, it has been very enjoyable and revealing.

  8. I suppose Martha has moved on, and no wonder. Full marks for a fascinating few months and huge achievements.

  9. i miss your blog martha!!! how is school going?!? i hope good...

  10. hope u r doing good at school;; miss your posts here!!

  11. Amazing! You should be truly proud of yourself Veg ... I know the media attention has been overwhelming at times but look how you are helping to shape a generation! Congrats xx


  13. Such a lovely post!
    Martha and Isadora are both incredible kids.
    I love this blog and follow since the very first post!
    Thanks Martha (and Isadora) for your inspiration.

    From a brazilian friend,
    Juh Oliveto