Wednesday, 28 November 2012

from Sao Paulo, Brazil

My name’s Camila and I’m Brazilian. I live in São Paulo, the most important city of Brazil.

It’s a pleasure for me talk (or better, write) to you. I’ve known about you by a famous Brazilian News Site, and I was curious to know more . Let me say that I think your blog (and the practice of charity involved on it) incredible, congratulations. The world needs people like you.

I’d like to participate sending a picture of some typical Brazilian School meal, unluckily I have none here. (in other hand I think that is good for you, because you’d be very sad to see what our or children have to eat every day at school)

I left school many years ago but I know that the situation is the same until nowadays
There is no many choices, it’s almost always rice, beans or pasta with some kind of sausage. The taste is terrible, I’m 23 years old now and I still remember the smell of this food.

Here we live surrounded of corruption and the powerful people (those of the government) have deals with suppliers who divert part of the payment for your own pocket. The money remainder is used for buy food of lower quality, many times spoiled or out-dated.

I’m sorry about my English but I couldn't leave the opportunity to share this with you.
I hope you can improve the situation of school dinner in your country and in other places of the world (maybe till here) Thanks for be so kind and thanks to your father for help and support you on this mission.

Best Regards.
Camila – Brazil

Here is the link about the news I saw:

Below there’s a picture of an example of what is served to our alumni just to illustrated or situation.

Believe, our children eat this every day. Really looks like delicious, don’t you think?


  1. Wow, always having that kind of food, it will get kind of tiring.

    Variety is the spice of life as they say.

    Hope the food will someday be improved!

  2. Hello Martha! I'm back to your blog again, but this time, to say that what Camila just said cannot make any sense for those who only know about the lies that the Brazilian government disseminates through the media. Yesterday, The Economist published a research that found that Brazil had one of the worse teaching systems among the third world. The schools have terrible infrastructure, yet the government is going to spend millions and millions of dollars on the next World Cup and Olympics. And it's already been proven that this money has started to feed the corruption there. Martha, I know all of this because I am Brazilian too. I had to leave that country to give my children a better future. I don't consider myself an immigrant, but a person who is exiled. We fought them, but we lost. Thank you very much for the opportunity of saying this. I feel really sorry for the children and young people in my country. Marcia

  3. Camila - Your comments are SO interesting! Corruption is a terrible thing, and in this case it directly affects children who need good food. Thank you for sharing. I hope someone in government reads this!

  4. Looks like mostly rice with pork bits. They probably like it but who knows how healthy ? No vegetable and actually too much food on the plate. The other factor is that apparently the fare never changes. That would get depressing.

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  6. Hi Camila! i like your blog. the food you took looks delicious and pretty. i will read your blog when i have time. if you have time, please go to and give me some advice to get more readers. i really loved your blog.!

  7. I love your blog! I visit it almost every day. In my tech class, my teacher told us all about it.

  8. It looks good but eating them everyday? Yuck!

  9. Camila, great post for highlighting the low standard of school meals in Bazil.

    My Brother went to Rio de Janeiro once, and was advised to leave the slum kids rummaging through the bins. Luckily for them, he is not that type of person and went to the supermarket and brought them some food. To say they were greatful was as understatement.

    Humans are a strange animal and I find it strange that they put a piece of shiny metal above the wellbeing of other humans. They have a lot to learn.

    Hopefully the corruption in all governments will be wiped away.

  10. I have an interest in Brazil and would definitely like to visit one day, but sure enough there's lots of corruption and it clearly affects the lives of many in more ways than one.
    There are many problems to solve in Brazil and that's just one of them, but a local project to make the situation better could help a bit and set an example.

    This is a reason why this blog is so good - something may appear trivial, such as school food, but in the end, it actually matters.

  11. Hello, everyone.
    I think Camilla is a bit dramatic in relation to meals offered by public schools in Brazil.
    I went to public school and the meals were not bad!
    It is worth you access the page "Diary of Class", (in English Classes Diary)!/DiariodeClasseSC?fref=ts , it is from a girl of 13 years, NeverSeconds like, placed on the snack daily, and in addition, placed on school problems.

    This little girl was very brave and introduced a new discussion in social networks, prompting local governments to adopt new attitudes to the problems of public education in Brazil.

    Still has much to improve, but Brazil is not as bad as the international media releases and some Brazilians themselves disclose.

    Regarding to the spendings on the World Cup and the Olympics, I, as an economist, I see as an opportunity for growth and development as it creates jobs and generates income directly and indirectly, which improves the quality of life of the population, giving more opportunities .

    Brazil is the country of the future and you better be prepared.

  12. i think its ok to make it simple if the taste is good.. :D

  13. Hello, Martha! My name is Elena and i'm from Seville (Spain)
    I will tell you something about my school dineer!

    In my school, they put a new school dineet this year and i'm not really happy for it... I'm so sad because they give us a really bad food and i want it to change... It's so imposible i think, well, that's my short story!

    XOXO Elena.