Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cumbernauld, Scotland.

Hi Veg!

My name's Aileen - I'm 12 and in my first year of high school.
I live in Scotland too - in Cumbernauld.

I only started reading your blog today and
we are not allowed cameras in school so
I won't be able to send you any pictures of
my school dinners, although I might send
you a photo of my packed lunch if I remember!

On Tuesday I went a school dinner.
Everybody who is going a school dinner gets
a main, starter or dessert and a drink for £1.80.
It is supposed to be a starter or dessert, but I've
never seen them do starters before - maybe I will
ask like you did - what do you think?

For my lunch I had a sausage roll, milk and a
piece of shortbread.
I always like milk but it is a wee bit boring.
The pastry in my sausage roll was undercooked
and soggy, but it was ok if you took a big bite of it
with the sausage.
I enjoyed my shortbread although I would have loved
some fruit and vegetables with my meal.

Mouthfuls: I didn't count...
Food-o-meter: 3/10 - Was disappointed at lack of fruit & veg
Courses: Main/Dessert
Health rating: 2/10
Price: £1.80
Pieces of hair: 0

Yesterday for my packed lunch I had tuna mayo on a piece of
granary baguette, orange juice, a little pot of bits of red
pepper and cherry tomatoes, a little pot of grapes and a
mini crunchie from Halloween. I really enjoyed my packed
lunch and I was raring to go afterwards!
My sandwich was really tasty and filled me up.
I enjoyed the red pepper (which was sweet and crunchy) and
the baby tomatoes which exploded with juice in your mouth.
The grapes were really big and firm and they were lovely
to bite into!
I drank my orange juice (with bits - my favorite!) and I also
drank some water from my bag.
The mini crunchie was a sweet ending.

Mouthfuls: I didn't count...
Food-o-meter: 10/10 - Delicious!
Courses: Main/Veg/Fruit/Dessert
Health rating: 9/10 - (Lost a point because of the crunchie!)
Price: Free
Pieces of hair: 0

Maybe I'll stick to packed lunches then...

P.S - I think the amount of money you raised for Mary's Meals
was amazing! I put together a backpack for the Backpack
Appeal :)


  1. A sausage roll and a biscuit is not what I would call an adequate lunch for any child, let alone a twelve year old
    just my tuppenny worth ;-)

  2. Aileen, I think you should ask.

    On a lighter note, was the water clean and did it have bits also - as I noted you drank from your bag and not a bottle :)

    Orange juice with bits is the best.

    Looks like school meals do still have a long way to go in some areas.

    Thank you for sharing your lunches with us!!

  3. No fruit or veg in a school lunch???

    I can understand a vegetarian option, which would include a vegetarian protein source, but no meat. But basically just bread, sausage and milk? How does your school get away with that?

    The home-packed lunch sounds a lot more appetising, as well as nutritious.

  4. Aileen, I really liked your blog. What a contrast between your school meal and your packed one! The packed one sounds brilliant. I'm dismayed that here in Scotland you can be provided with a school 'meal' that lacks fruit/vegetables! Perhaps you should ask your authority to contact Argyll and Bute for advice!