Sunday 14 October 2012

Tuesday 2nd October- Backpacks, Ntenjera Primary School

This is William loading the truck at the Mary’s Meals warehouse in Blantyre.

We bounced all the way to Ntenjera Primary School. I thought the lorry might fall over onto a man on a bike but it didn’t. No one at the school knew the backpacks were coming and so all the children were in their classrooms with their teachers. When the children saw the lorry they knew it was full of backpacks and I could hear how excited they were.

The children queued up and I handed them each a backpack. Some classes had more than a 150 children in. It was great fun because they were all so happy. When all the children had a backpack I counted to three and they opened them. Everyone seemed to like the pens best.

There was a big queue of girls waiting to get backpacks. It took a long time to hand out all 1960 backpacks and it was very hot in the classrooms but some children sat on bricks outside. I gave my backpack to Christina who was older than me but the same size. It’s hard to tell how old children are because they grow up hungry and they are smaller but older than me. All the kids loved their backpacks and I am going to send more.

When I had an interview with Laura I took a photo of Ray so you can see what it is like to talk to a camera all day!


  1. You are such an inspiration.

    Hannah for Nobel Peace Prize!

  2. Sorry. Who is Hannah?

    Of course I meant Martha.

  3. your story is truly amazing. I have been reading your blog for some months now, and although i think you are a lucky young girl, you are more than lucky. You have moved mountains and raised money for something you believe in. I am very proud of you and so happy that I can follow along with your adventures. Keep up the good work!

  4. this activity is nice and is good idea the little girl speaking the problem of the word.

  5. Well written Martha.

    Yes, I think an excellent idea, Martha for Nobel Peace Prize. To give it to the European Union was sick joke.

    One little girl did not get her backpack as for whatever reason she turned up to school late. Poor little girl was sobbing her eyes out.

    - Martha, Meals and Malawi

    Martha you said you are going to arrange for more backpacks to go to Malawi. Would you please check if this little girl got a backpack. If not, please ensure as a priority she receives a backpack and to make up for her distress has something special in it.

  6. A book I think you would like is called The Alchemist by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

    It is about an Andalusian shepherd boy who follows his dreams.

    You might also like The Way of the Bow, which you can listen to on-line or download as an audio book.