Tuesday 23 October 2012

Goodbye and thanks from Harshi

Hey guys Harshi here!

This is my last post for NeverSeconds and I want to thank Veg again for the opportunity. Congratulation on the award veg!

Today I want to say a few words about Childhood Obesity. Obesity is as harmful as malnutrition. While malnutrition can be countered by providing more healthy food, obesity is harder to counter.This is because when there are lots of foods to choose from, picking out the healthy ones requires a lot of self control. The First step towards battling obesity is gaining knowledge about healthy foods and the problems arising from obesity. This gives us the strength to say "NO!" to that extra slice of Pizza. The increasing use of gadgets among children promotes a sedentary life style. So we have to make sure that we include lots of physical activity in our daily routine.

Today my lunch includes multi grains.
Pesarattu - It is a dosa made with whole green grams.And it was spicy. It has a high protein content. You can call them green gram pancakes. I had them with yoghurt. Then I had some stir fried beans and beets. They are spiced up with pepper. I love vegetables! Usually I have to stay in school for after-school sports which for me is table tennis. So I need something to eat for the evenings. So I got a vegetable spring roll and a multi grain cupcake. My mom made the cake with flour which contains 4 or more grains, Raisins and cashews. In India we call the flour "Saththu mavu" which means nutritive flour. The grains are Ragi, Maize, Wheat, Bajra . This flour is mixed with usual cake flour to make the cake. It was not as soft as the cake made with white flour. But it tastes just as good. Usually while eating me and my friends share our food.

Mouthfuls - 40
Health rating- 10/10
Courses- Main/ snack
Pieces of hair- none.


  1. Thank you for posting your lunches - I enjoyed seeing your meals.

  2. Thanks for your posts Harshi. It's good to see an Indian girl taking time to explain to the world how wonderful and healthy your food is. I love South Indian food, especially dosas and idlis but there is no good Indian food where I live (in Barcelona) so I have to cook my own if I want it. I often go to London though and there is some great South Indian food there. Nice to meet you x

  3. Harshi, Thank you for joining in and posting great blogs about your food and culture.

    It has been a real pleasure reading this week.

    All the best from the UK!

    P.S. I like pizza

  4. Thanks for posting Harshi. It was great to learn something new about Indian cuisine and culture!