Monday, 24 September 2012

To Melbourne, Australia!

Hi Martha,

I'm an ICT teacher and some of my students did a small project about their lunches based on how people post their lunches on your blog. We are a very multicultural school, so lots of students from non-English speaking backgrounds. I have attached 12 of them for you to see. Maybe one might make it on to your Neverseconds Blog, the students are very excited to see.

We love reading your blog and we are planning some fund raising for Mary's Meals in our Fourth Term.


Like them all! Thank you, Veg.

Hi my name is Victor Phan I go to Footscray North Primary School
And I am a grade 4. And am 10 years old .My class is 3/4GH. My teachers are Miss Hazama and Miss Grimston. live in Victoria, Australia.

Foods ingredients: sandwich, cucumber, ham, and cheese and tic-tac.

Taste rate:8/10
Health rate: 9/10
Bites: 16 bites
Pieces of hair:0
Cost: $ 5.00

Hi my name is Sallam. I go to Footscray North Primary School. I am in 3/4DW. I have 2 teachers Mrs Dalaveris and Mrs Walker. Today in my lunch I have chips, a sandwich with cheese and chicken, banana yoghurt and a muesli bar all in a box.

Food rating: 8/10
Food meter: 6/10
Heath rating: 5/10
Bites: 10
Price: unknown
Pieces of hair: 0


Hi my name is Mekrie I go to a school called Footscray north primary school Melbourne victoria. Today I am having shapes, noodles chicken nuggets and a banana.
Food-o-meter 9/10
Health rating -7/10
Mouth full -35
Courses- snack main


  1. Replies
    1. They are savoury cookies/biscuits:

    2. Melanie, Shapes are a kind of savoury biscuit (cracker/cookie?). They come in a variety of different flavours, and all the flavours come in different shapes. They are very yummy but certainly not a health food! These ones are Barbecue flavour (they taste nothing like BBQ crisps/chips) and tend to be the most popular. According to Arnotts (the brand that makes them) Australians consume over 53 million boxes a year...

    3. THank you for your answers. But honestly that sounds awful!!! And I#m guessing also very unhealthy.

  2. I think Australian schools and parents (I'm an Aussie) need to do a great deal more education about what constitutes Healthy eating.

    After seeing the healthy foods from all over the world on this blog I'm shocked that shapes; noodles and nuggets receives a 7/10 health rating. The banana is the only healthy thing in that lunch.

    I can't even begin to convey how appalled I am.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Amber Rose. I'm American, and most of us don't do any better. The thing that strikes me is all the processed and pre-prepared food. Almost nothing fresh. We "first world countries," if we can even be called that, have a long way to go to get back to the fresh, healthy eating of a few generations ago ... and it will have to start with the kids.


    2. I hate to have to say it, but I'm with you on this one, Amber.

      I'm quite dismayed by the amount of highly-processed food in the third lunch. I suspect the sodium content is sky-high, too.

      But I'm also not real sure that a sandwich and a couple of Tic-tac's (which are basically sold as breath mints here in the US) rates anywhere close to a 9. The sandwich is good, as far as it goes, but is that lunch really enough to keep a ten-year old going all day?

  3. Do you think it could be a Minus 7??

  4. Shapes are like crackers- with quite a lot of flavouring. I'm a New Zealander, and I'm not terribly impressed with the health of those lunches either. Tic Tacs aren't lunch!


  5. what are noodles and shapes? some type of chip or snack treats I'm sure. Similar to fruit snacks or chex mix I suppose. I agree that some things are not as healthful as they are rated. Maybe a point or two less since it's white bread with very few veggies and no fruit. Not saying we need large lunches but protein, whole grain, veggie and fruit are always a good way to go.

  6. The first lunch looks really sad. Tictacs should not be a part of lunch. Even a side of fruit would have really strengthened these.

  7. I fully agree to Amber Rose. These are no healthy meals!
    How should childs learn and think with such bad energy?

  8. Wow, those are some processed lunches! Please don't think that all Australian children eat this way every day. A typical lunch for my ten year old might be something like a roast beef and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, a mandarin, and a square of dark chocolate. Lots of primary schools are doing Healthy Eating rewards programmes and Nude Food and Crunch & Sip programmes, as well as building school kitchen gardens and cooking together.

  9. I am also pretty horrified at these lunches. Tic tacs? Heavens above. I am also Australian, and heading for my 40s, but I recall my lunches were typically a chicken salad sandwich (with lettuce, tomatoes, grated carrot and sliced cooked/pickled beetroot); apple, and maybe a chocolate 'yoghurt' plus juice. On Fridays i had a treat of a freddo frog or very occasionally a cooked lunch- usually a hotdog. But the rest of it was pretty healthy.

    Glad to hear that schools are doing education though in healthy eating.