Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The answer is.......

Happy Wednesday everybody! Pavlova here again.

The answer to my question- Jakarta is the closest Capital City. It is just a bit closer than Canberra. Though Adelaide in South Australia is the next nearest city and half right because it is the capital of SA.

Lunch today was mini French toasts with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I had a some fruit and a yoghurt to go with it. I had carrot for my crunch and sip. My recess snack was a Fruit Fix. It says on the packet that it is healthy with a portion of fruit in it. We weighed out how much sugar there was. It was pretty shocking. There was 15g of sugar in it and it weighed 24g so it is pretty much all sugar.

We didn't have any sugar cubes so I took a picture with a pile of sugar next to it. I had my swimming lesson after school and swam 30 lengths so hopefully that made up for it.

Food-o-meter- 9/10- the French toast had gone a bit soggy
Health rating- 7/10 because of my Fruit Fix
Mouthfuls- 48
Courses– main/dessert and my recess snack
Price- not sure but a bit more expensive because of the salmon
Pieces of hair– still none. Pheww
Amount of his packed lunch my brother brought home uneaten- He ate it all- a record!!
Number of Olympic medals won by Australia-. 7 though close to the UK who have 6.

I had my tea watching the Olympics tonight. It was really exciting. I watched the ladies pair rowing. The pair from the UK were great and Australia got the silver right at the end.

Good luck with your injections tomorrow Veg. I hope your arm isn’t too achy.
My little sister broke her arm on Sunday. She is three. Hopefully your injections won’t hurt as much as that!

Your total for Mary’s Meals is so close to £113,000. It’s amazing. My friends and I are planning to raise some money. We thought we would make and sell lemonade using the lemons from our gardens.

I am looking forward to seeing your Japanese breakfast.



  1. Dear Pavlova:

    Wow, so much for the Fruit Fix's claim of 'health!' Thank you for showing the truth in your picture. I'd say your swimming more than made up for it!

    Good on your brother for finishing his lunch today! Hope he is setting a new trend, or maybe he is about to grow!

    I love your idea to sell lemonade from fresh garden lemons for Mary's Meals, truly splendid!

    All the best,
    Santa Barbara, CA

  2. Really liking the trend of putting sugar next to the food...

    what is really interesting is how much a typical person has dissolved in their blood (as a hint you'd have to share that Fruit Fix)

    Swimming 30 lengths depends on the pool size but at a guess that would be 30*25m or 750m, my son would do that in a bit under 15 mins, but he is big into swimming, I'd imagine you could be talking 100-150 calories depending on body size and speed of swimming.

    15g of sugar would be about 60 calories depending on how much your carrots weighed they could be a similar amount probably about 40-50 cals as a guess.

    But swimming is far more than making up for your snack, right? It's good for you in many ways, especially if you enjoy doing it.

  3. Hi Pavolova!

    I also like the new trend of putting sugar next to things - I don't think that I really put much thought into that. Pretty shocking when there is a visual reminder!

    Good luck with the lemonade stand and congrats to you and your friends for becoming actively involved.

    Thanks for your posts! Really entertaining!

    Keep up the good work!

    Michelle - Portsmouth, NH USA

  4. Shocking amount of sugar! Good piccy to illustrate this, well done.

  5. Looks like a yummy lunch! We are having salmon for dinner tonight. By French toast do you mean pieces of French bread that have been toasted? That's kind of what it looks like. In the states French toast is a piece of bread soaked in egg and milk usually with a little vanilla flavoring and maybe some cinnamon then you fry it and eat it with powdered sugar sprinkled over it or syrup. Yummy! Those fruit snacks are deceiving aren't they? It's nice to have a dessert or sweet treat a couple of times a week, though. My daughter is 10 and has a real sweet tooth.

  6. Loving this weeks blogs, Pavlova, you are another budding writer!

  7. I love this blog so much! Thank you to all the guest bloggers and Veg for bringing knowledge about good food to the world.

  8. Oh, on the topic of the Fruit Fix, keep in mind that's not all added sugar. Fruit itself has sugar in it. You can learn a lot by reading the ingredients, though. If it says "sugar, fruit puree" then it's going to have more added sugar than if it says "fruit puree, sugar". I eat Raisin Bran cereal for breakfast and it has at least as much sugar as Frosted Flakes but a lot of that is from the raisins and raisins are good for you.

    1. I agree. It's important to separate natural sugars from processed sugars. For fruit juice and fruit snacks, look for "no sugar added" and that will help a lot!

  9. Wow, Pavlova, that was an interesting tidbit about the nearest Capital. I wouldn't have guessed that and I'm an Indonesian expat living in Brisbane. I'm going to include that in my next trivia night. :D I hope your little sis is okay. :)

  10. Thank you for such a lovely blog! I only discovered it today & have read all your posts. Your dad must be so proud of you! Keep up the good work -- I plan to share this with some school kids I know & maybe they'll join in. Thanks again!

  11. Gosh, Pavlova, good on you for looking at the label on your Fruit Fix and finding out it may not be as healthy as it first appears! I, too, think your sugar comparisons really help us visualize just how much sugar is in things.

    One thing I think we also need to keep in mind is that our bodies don't really care if the sugar we consume is because we've dipped a spoon into the sugar bowl, or if it comes from more "natural" sources like fruit or honey or even vegetables. In that regard, sugar is sugar.

    The only reason the sugar from fruit, or other "natural" sugars, is considered a bit more healthy is because things like fruit have other nutrients our bodies need. Whereas just eating a spoonful of sugar from the sugar bowl doesn't. Also, most fruit contains at least some fiber (some more than others), which is good for us.

    But that means that if we eat a lot of fruit or other things high in "natural" sugars during the day, we need to remember that we've gotten all the sugar we need, and make sure not to eat other sugar-laden foods that day, too.

    1. Another thing to remember is, that sugar per se isn't "bad". There are times, when a little shot of sugar is just what is needed. When You're doing something, that burns lots of calories for example sports or some heavy mental work - like a test at school - supplying the body with some sugar - some fruit or even a bit (!) of chocolate - can even help You to perform better.

      The problem with sugar is, that it's nearly EVERYWHERE nowadays.
      Our body LIKES sugar, because it is programmed through millions of years to like high energy food. So the food factories use sugar to enhance the taste of their products. And by all this hidden sugar, the one most people don't even know that it is in that food, we eat more of it than we really need.

      Showing how much sugarcubes the food contains is a GREAT way to bring this to mind.
      Would be nice to see even more of these pictures.. ^^

      Oh, and please: don't replace sugar in Your meals with all that artificial sugar substitutes. They aren't that food for Your health either. They make the body think it is supplied with sugar, which then, when it notices it isn't, just tries to make sure it gets the sugar it has been waiting for - which leads to you getting hungry, even if you've eaten enough already. And it's 100% chemical, which usually isn't a good source for healthy food anyway ^^


  12. This picture makes me want smoked salmon! Your lunches are awesome!