Thursday, 16 August 2012

Meal with a View!

This was a really good meal today! We had two versions of chicken and rice: Hawaiian style and plain. The only difference was that the Hawaiian one had pineapples and more flavoring.

It was very tasty. Again, we had to finish the green beans with almonds and the rest of our dinner before having ramen noodles. We also had tangy fruit juice, apple cider, hot chocolate and granola bars for dessert.

Food-o-meter: 9/10
Health rating: 8/10
Mouthfuls: about 82
Course: Trail dinner
Price: about $2.32
Pieces of hair and nature: 0 hair but 4 pieces of nature because some dirt got into our chicken, but it was still good anyway and we ate all of it
View: 11/10! Dardanelles Lake is gorgeous!

Today's view is Dardanelles Lake. It was so pretty and the only way you can see it is to backpack to it. That's what we like about backpacking. Plus there are more places to use the biffy here. Biffy stands for "Bathroom In the Forest For You" because obviously there are no outhouses or toilets or anything like that way out here! It was sort of harder to use the biffy at Round Lake because there wasn't as much privacy.

The swimming isn't as good here as it was at Round Lake, but this is the prettiest lake we've ever seen so we didn't really care. Some of the girls on our trip have moms who came here when they were kids at our camp, so it feels very special.

We want to say something about our funny bowls. They are backpacking bowls and are very squishy so they fit in tiny places in our backpacks. One girl on our trip has a golden cup that her mom used when she was a backpacker here. It is in the picture in our first post of the week. But we all like the squishy bowls best because they look like jellyfish. We also like the fork-spoon because you can have a fork and a spoon and only wash one utensil! Washing dishes in the wilderness is interesting because we can only use special soap and we definitely do not wash our dishes in the lake. So it's nice when we finish all the food in our meals so we don't have as much cleaning up to do. Plus then the bear bag is lighter if there is no garbage.

The stars here are amazing. We are not using our tents because the weather is very nice and clear. There is too much light at home to see this many stars. You really have no idea how many stars are in the sky until you go backpacking!

Today's song is the Desperado song. We're not sure what a desperado is but it seems to be an Old West person, like a cowboy. We just like singing it!

Today we want to challenge anyone who has ever used a biffy in the woods, done dishes in the woods, or slept under the stars to donate to Mary's Meals!


  1. I use a fork spoon when camping, but we call it a 'Spork'!!
    And when I did my Duke Of Edinburgh's Gold award we had to use the Biffy although we didn't call it anything in particular. Your name for it is great and I shall call it that too in the future! :)

  2. I know that song! A desperado is a bold or reckless criminal from the old west. My daughter took two Girl Scout cookies for dessert in her lunch today!

  3. I've so enjoyed the Girl Scouts' posts this week. They've brought back wonderful memories of Camp Cleawox near Florence,Oregon.

  4. That's what I call a small but still magnificent looking mountain. I'd love to be there.