Friday, 24 August 2012

Hungry Birds once more!

Hei kaikille! Nälkäiset linnut ovat täällä viimeistä kertaa. Tällä
viikolla olemme oppineet monia asioita ruoasta. Tämä viikko on monella
tapaa muuttanut suhtautumistamme ja mielipiteitämme kouluruokaan.
Ymmärrämme nyt paremmin, että olemme hyvin erityisessä asemassa
kun saamme joka päivä ilmaisen ja terveellisen koululounaan. Ja
rehellisesti sanoen, koulumme ruoka jopa maistuu hyvälle. Joskus vain
kun ruokaan suhtautuu negatiivisesti, se alkaa myös maistua pahalta.
Meillä ei ollut aikaisemmin mitään käsitystä siitä, että niin monet
joutuvat maksamaan kouluruoastaa tai että niin monilla ei ole edes
mahdollisuutta siihen. Joskus ajattelimme, että olisi parempi jos
voisimme ottaa kouluun omat eväät. Enää emme niin ajattele. Haluamme
kiittää Vegiä ja hänen isäänsä mahdollisuudesta osallistua tähän
blogiin. Olemme pitäneet tästä viikosta paljon. Toivomme, että matkanne
Malawiin onnistuu ja näemme paljon kuvia sieltä. Odotamme myös
mielenkiinnolla seuraavien koulujen vierailuja täällä.

Jos tämä viikko on ollut erilainen, niin on myös ensi viikko. Olemme
leirikoulussa Pohjois-Karjalassa. Pohjois-Karjala on osa itäistä Suomea
lähellä Venäjän rajaa. Leirikoulussa mm. vaellamme Kolilla, melomme,
kiipeilemme ja tietysti uimme Pielisessä ja saunomme. Leirikouluamme voi
seurata blogistamme. Lisäämme sinne ensi tiistaista alkaen kuvia ja
kertomuksia leirikoulun kulusta. Leirikoulublogiin pääset tästä:

Tänään ruokana oli kaalipataa, puolukkahilloa ja salaattia. Pidimme
salaatista. Siinä oli kurkkua, viinirypäleitä ja raejuustoa.
Kaalilaatikko on ruoka josta joko pitää tai ei pidä. Useimmat meistä
pitivät ruoasta, mutta osa meistä ei voi sietää kaaliruokia.
Puolukkahillo ei ollut kovin makeaa. Sitä käytetään Suomessa usein
perinteisten ruokien kanssa.

Hello World! This is the last time of the Hungry Birds. In this week we
have learned lot of new things about the food we eat. This week have
changed our attitudes and opinions for our school lunch. We think that
we understand now better that we are in a very special position when we
get a free and healthy meal during our school day. And after all if we
are honest our school meals are quite tasty. Sometimes when just being
so negative about the food it starts to taste bad. We didn't have any
idea that so many children have to pay their school meals. Also we
didn't understand that there is some many children that don't even have
a change to get their lunch at school. Sometimes we have thought that it
would be better if we could bring our own lunch boxes to school but not
any more. We want to thank Veg and her dad to give us this opportunity
to be a part of this blog. We liked this week very much. We hope your
trip to Malawi will be successful. It would be nice to see pictures
there. We also wait to see next schools blogging here.

If this week has been a little different our next week will also be
anything but normal school week. We are going to school camp to Northern
Carelia. North Carelia is one part of eastern Finland just beside the
Russian border. Next week we are going tofor example do some hiking at
Koli, learn some canoeing, do some climbing, swim in lake Pielinen and
of course because we are from Finland have a sauna every day. If you
want you can follow our school camp on our blog. Yet there isn't much to
see but after next Tuesday we will be sending there pictures and stories
during our school camp. You can find our blog here:

Today our lunch was cabbage stew with lingonberry jam and salad. We
liked the salad.

It was made from salad, cucumber, grapes and cottage
cheese. The cabbage stew is a dish that you either like or hate. Most of
us liked it but some of us can't stand foods which includes cooked
cabbage. The lingonberry jam isn't very sweet. In Finland it is used
with many traditional foods.

Food-o-meter: 7/10
Mouthfuls: 28
Courses: main
Health Rating: 9/10
Price: 0e
Pieces of hair: 0

Hungry Birds are saying now thank you and goodbye! Or like we say in
Finnish: Moi moi!

Hungry birds teacher here once more... This week with this blog has been
a great success. It has been wonderful to see how my pupils attitudes
and opinions have changed in few days. Last week when we talked about
our lunch it was just tasting bad. Instead of learning maths or other
subjects we have spent lot of time for blogging here and talking about
the food but I think it all was worth it. I also have to thank Veg and
her dad giving us this opportunity. You are doing great work and I hope
you can keep this up. You never know what kind of influences a small
acts like your blog can reach.


  1. Cabbage stew with lingonberry jam, I love it! <3

  2. I've really enjoyed the lunches from Finland this week. I did some teaching in Finland a few years ago and remember the canteen food quite vividly. It was much better than I expected! Hope the Angry Birds enjoy their trip next week!

  3. I love Lingonberry Jam. My family saved it for special occasions to use on 'Swedish' pancakes (It is very expensive here in the USA). I personally wouldn't use it on savory foods though, to me it is a dessert item. I've enjoyed this little jaunt through Finland. The crispbread (I call it hardtack) with butter reminded me of my Grandmothers house, that was 'one' of my favorite things to munch on when we visited (it still is).

    1. The Swedish lingonberry jam tends to be a lot sweeter than the Finnish one. Lingonberries aren't sweet at all, but the Swedish add quite a lot of sugar.

  4. Thanks to all the Hungry Birds and their Teacher, it is true we can all learn from each other if we try to do so! I look forward to checking out your camp blog, too!

    I enjoy fruit with my meat dishes also. In the US we are familiar with ham and pineapple or peaches. I like to cook fresh pork with my homemade apple butter (very little added sugar and some apple cider vinegar for tangy flavor). We are also familiar with cranberry sauce served with turkey or chicken, particularly at Thanksgiving. Many times growing up we had Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam or Indian Curry served with peach or mango chutney, all delicious reminders to add more fruit to our meals!

    All the best,
    Santa Barbara, California

  5. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but I really like that all the dishes and utensils used in your lunches are reusable! I think it is especially nice to see the cups are real cups! The tray has a pretty wood grain too. We are in GA (USA) and everything is disposable, usually made of plastic (forks and spoons) or styrofoam (tray), paper napkins and drinks in individual pouches or cartons. Even your tablecloth is very pretty!

    1. In Finland, we have this invention called 'dishwashing machine'. :)

      Seriously speaking, if school lunches were served on disposable units they would probably cost as much as the meal itself.

  6. Looks pretty good. I would definitely try it.

  7. Hi Hungry Birds!! I think you did a grand job! I enjoyed your entries. Your food was so different, it was very interesting!! I also like the eco-friendly tableware!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. Way to go Otava! Hienoa :)

  9. A great week Hungry Birds,

    Enjoy your camp, I still have a few more posts to read, that is the only trouble when away from a computer for a while.

    But looking forward to a catchup of the events that have happened in the last 2 weeks.

  10. Great blog, I think I will put it On my Facebook page! Olen ulkosuomalainen ja todella ylpeä suomalaisesta koulusta sekä ilmaisista ja TERVEELLISISTÄ kouluruuista. Se on maaiLmalla harvinaista!
    Hieno projekti, kiitos myös opelle!