Monday, 13 August 2012

Goodbye Enzo Buzz, hello Two Sentinels!

Hello people!

Here speaks Enzo Buzz, and I think that's my last post! Happy Father's day! Your dad deserves! And you too! Make good things with him, and be happy!

Have an very interesting article about we on NeverSeconds, the link are here. In the next week, we have the new scout girls from California. I go see they new meal photos.

I like very very much at write in this week, thank you for all, a good Father's Day, good week and at another time!
Then, today is only this, that's all folks, See Ya! :'-D

Veg here!

Thank you Enzo Buzz for writing your guest week and sharing your lunches. Father's Day was in June here! I am trying to learn Chichewa for Malawi. Your English is better than my Chichewa!

We are travelling from the biggest city in the Americas to the mountains of California today with the the Girl Scouts from Two Sentinels Girl Scout Camp.

It looks amazing.

Thank you!



  1. Enzo Buzz & Giorgio,

    Thank you, it's been a great week.

    All the best to you both!!

    Today is only this, that's all folks, See Ya! :'-D