Monday, 23 July 2012

Lunch- Cambridge, UK

Hi, I'm Joy. I live in Cambridge, England, but I was brought up in Scotland. I have two children, Emily who's three and a half, and Fraser who's nearly 9 months. Fraser mostly eats purees and it's hard to get him to comment properly on the food(!), so I decided to write about Emily's dinner. I also interviewed her about it.

We try to cook our meals ourselves, but sometimes it's nice to have a break and go for something easier. So this evening we had chicken and asparagus pie from the supermarket, with hashbrowns, carrots and broccoli. We had fresh raspberries for dessert. Emily also had a yoghurt (actually a fromage frais). But it wasn't in the photo as she only decided she wanted it later.

Here's what Emily said about the food:
Me: what do you think of the food (main course)?
Emily: not nice
Me: what's your favourite bit?
Emily: the pie
Me: what else do you like?
Emily: this (the hashbrown) and this (the carrots)
Me: what don't you like?
Emily: the asparagus
Me: can you rate the food between 1 and 10? (I also tried to explain what that meant, clearly not very successfully!)
Emily: 1,2,3,4,5 lots of numbers!
Emily: (the broccoli) is like trees standing (I've also attached a photo of her demonstrating in case you wanted to include it)
Me: What are you drinking?
Emily: water. But I like milk
Me: which do you like best?
Emily: milk. And water. Both
Me: how healthy is the food?
Emily: nice
Me: do you like the dessert?
Emily: yes
Me: what's your favourite dessert?
Emily: raspberries
Me (surprised): do you like raspberries more than icecream?
Emily: Yeah, both
Me: what's your favourite fruit?
Emily: orange
Me: why?
Emily: cos it is. Why? Why? Why?
Emily: you can really eat the seeds from the raspberries. Really

Fraser actually had a mashed up raspberry for the first time. He screwed up his face, said "Eeurgh" and spat it out. So prob 0/10 then.

Food-o-meter: 6/10 (hard to tell from Emily's comments but she seemed to like some of the main course and all the dessert)
Mouthfuls: impossible to count but she ate about 2/3 of the main course and all the dessert
Course: main + dessert
Health: 7/10 the pie and hash brown weren't great but could have been worse and the fresh vegetables and fruit were good
Price: probably about £1.50 when you calculate Emily's part of the whole meal
Pieces of hair: 0

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  1. Hi Joy, Emily and Fraser.

    Absolutely brilliant, I am always impressed by the way children respond to questions and I normally end up laughing at their responses and the same is true for this post.

    Emily: you can really eat the seeds from the raspberries. Really

    Great post, thank you for giving me a laugh.

    Your meal above is a lot healthier than some shown on here in recent weeks.

  2. Fabulous post. Emily sounds amazing and Fraser has the right attitude to raspberries, if you ask me. I hope Emily learns to love asparagus.

  3. Oh that's hilarious. I heartily approve of toddlers being interviewed in this way. I hope other mums and dads can manage something similar. :)

  4. I loved reading Emily's comments.

  5. Emily sounds very cute and don't worry! Most babies like Fraser react to many new foods in that attitude as the tastes are different and suprises them. xx

  6. that is really cute!

    Emily: Ice-Cream beats Raspberries any day. Never will fruit rule ice-cream! Unless it is on the ice-cream. That's good.

    Fraser: I hate raspberries too. Raspberry haters unite!

  7. Thanks for all your comments! I don't think Emily really understands about favourites. Further questioning indicates that everything she likes is a "favorite"!

  8. That interview was an entertaining read! :)

  9. Very cute. My daughter also refers to broccoli as trees, and she calls cauliflower snow trees.

  10. Love the interview! :)

    I've always thought broccoli looked like little trees, but never thought about cauliflower as "snow trees." Makes sense, though.

  11. Your interview with Emily was hilarious! I hope you blog again!