Friday, 6 July 2012

Haia, BLOD yma. Heddiw roedd yna fwydlen arbennig yn y gegin i ddathlu twrnament tennis Wimbledon (oeddech chi’n meddwl mai’r gemau Olympaidd fasa’r thema?!). Gwisgodd rhai plant wisg ffansi. Mi wnes i wisgo crys-t, sgert a chap. Rydym wedi cael nifer o ddiwrnodau thema eraill, fel diwrnod Americanaidd, a diwrnod Mecsicanaidd. Fe allwch weld bob un yma, yn cynnwys llun ohonof fi a fy mrawd o heddiw.

Ar y fwydlen arbennig roedd: pitsa selsig, sglodion, wedges, ffa pob, salad, a bara. Dwi ddim yn siŵr os ydynt yn bwyta pitsa efo selsig arno yn Wimbledon, ond dim ots gen i gan ei fod yn fendigedig. Ond mae ganddynt fefus yno, a dyna oedd i bwdin heddiw (efo jeli). Cymerais lun o’r mefus i ddangos i chi ond mi wnes i roi nhw i fy ffrind oherwydd dydw i ddim yn hoffi mefus. Roedd bwyd heddiw yn fendigedig. Doedd o ddim y fwyd iachaf o’r wythnos, ond roedd yn flasus, a dwi’n credu ei fod yn bwysig i blant ddysgu i fwynhau bwyd. Ond mae’r pitsa yn cael ei wneud yn ffres ac mae ganddo pum llysieuyn gwahanol ynddo.

Hi, BLOD here. Today there was a special menu in the kitchen to celebrate the Wimbledon tennis tournament finals (you thought it would be the Olympics didn’t you?!). Some children wore fancy dress. I wore a t-shirt, skirt and cap. We have had lots of other theme days at dinner time, like an American day and a Mexican day. You can see all of them here, including a picture of my brother and I from today.

The special menu was: sausage pizza, chips, wedges, baked beans, salad and bread. I’m not sure if they eat sausage pizzas at Wimbledon, but I don’t care because it was delicious! They do have strawberries though, and that was our pudding on some jelly. I took a picture of the strawberries to show you but I gave them to a friend because I don’t like them. Today’s food was delicious. It wasn’t the healthiest thing we have had all week but it is nice, and I think it is important that children get to enjoy food. But the pizza base is homemade and has five different vegetables in it.

Food-o-meter: 10/10
Courses: main/dessert
Mouthfulls: 50
Price: £1.85
Pieces of hair: 0 (none all week, phew, the cook is relieved!)
Stickers: 0 (but 4 for other people)

I have really enjoyed being the first guest-blogger. The week has gone quickly. Thank you for all the kind comments, I loved reading them. I’m a little bit sad that we’ve finished but I’m looking forward to reading what comes next. Good luck to the next school, Hereford Steiner Academy from Dewchurch, England, who will be taking over on Monday and I hope VEG has a lovely summer holiday. Perhaps one day we’ll meet! Keep up the good work with your justgiving page for Mary’s Meals. I want to finish with a big thank you to the people who cook our dinners. I really think my school cook is the best in the whole wide world. But I would – did I forget to mention? She’s my mum ;-)


Thanks BLOD!

What a great week of food. Your Mum is an amazing cook! My favourite meal you had was Monday's Spaghetti Bolognese and I am going to try and bake a chocolate cake with sweet potato and beetroot. I really like baked beetroot with a roast. I enjoyed hearing your language and I am trying to learn to say LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLGOGERYCHWYRNDROBWLLLLANTYSILIOGOGOGOCH but I don't sound like Niamh yet! It's been great reading the blog everyday and I am looking forward to next week when it visits England. Dad asks you please to keep sending your pics in and if your school would like to guest blog for a week in August or September please get in touch!

I've been busy camping in the rain but it was great fun to explore new places. I have been on huge roller coasters, to Babe at the theatre and penny arcades (I lost all my 2 pences!)

It's nice to be home and to see all the animals. There is a Red Squirrel outside waiting for me to fill the peanuts but Mum saw a Pine Marten this morning so I hope the squirrels will be ok.

I think we have dates decided to visit Malawi in October to visit the children and the Friends of NeverSeconds kitchen but I may need some jags before I go! Ouch.



  1. BLOD I have loved your guest blog this week. I live in New York now but I used to live in Scotland and I have very much enjoyed learning about Wales this week!

    VEG thank you for this wonderful blog I have really enjoyed learning all about school lunches around the world!

  2. Da iawn Blod, rydan ni'n falch ohonat ti yn Blwyddyn 4, rwyt ti wedi gwneud gwaith da iawn drwy'r wythnos. Rydan ni wedi mwynhau darllen y blogs a'r sylwadau.

    Mrs Owen a Blwyddyn 4

  3. Great job BLOD! You gave us an amazing week. The foods looks really yummy. Congrats to your awesome Mum! Also, I did enjoy viewing your pictures at 'til next time!

    VEG, I hope you are doing well and having fun. Looking forward on your visit to Malawi.

    You two are great kids! :) Keep up the good work!

    Meiko from Manila, Philippines

  4. Thanks for a great week of guest blogging BLOD - congrats to you on writing so well and to your mum on providing lunches that look great and seem very well balanced!

    Good to hear the Malawi trip is shaping up VEG. The jags will be over in a flash and better to have them and be safe than face the diseases many in Africa have to battle with.

  5. A friend of mine just shared your blog with me, fascinating seeing what kids all over the word are eating! I can't wait to share it with my 4th graders when I get back to school in the fall. Maybe we'll send you some pictures of our school lunches here in Arizona! : )

  6. Mom's cooking at school. You can't beat that.Congratulations to everyone at Ysgol Kingsland. Not only are the lunches terrific but the activities, school trips, adventures and theme days provide an exciting learning environment. I don't remember any of that during my school days. You are lucky to have people who care so much to provide you with so many opportunities.
    Veg - what you have started has become a wonderful adventure for the whole world to participate in. Thank you as well to mom and dad for their amazing support.
    Thank you also to all the people from Germany, the Czech Republic, China, Australia and all the other countries that are helping to make the world feel more friendly. Keep taking delectable pictures and keep on writing and giving. Thank you everyone!

  7. Well done BLOD for a great week's work. I love the way you kept the bit about your mum until the very, very end. Well done, it made a really good ending!

  8. BLOD, thank you so much for this week. I've had a lot of fun learning about Wales (and I was very excited to hear Niamh speaking Welsh. I didn't know how to pronounce any of it). Your school seems very fun. I wish mine did theme days like yours does.

    VEG, I'm glad to hear you're having so much fun on your vacation! Keep up the great work!

    ~Lindsay (New Orleans, Louisiana)

  9. BLOD - You've been really fantastic and it's been great reading your entries. VEG set such a high standard and you kept it going.

    VEG - Welcome back. We love your blog and always look forward to reading it. Going to Malawi will be such an incredible experience. We went to Africa teo years ago and the people are so friendly.

    We're going camping in two weeks, it might have stopped raining by then.

    From Jessica (13) and Rebacca (11). Near Skipton in North Yorkshire.

  10. Thankyou to Veg for inviting Blod to be her guest blog. The whole family is hooked. Thanks to the headteacher at Ysgol Kingsland giving Blod her so much support.
    Good luck to the next school, Hereford Steiner Academy from Dewchurch England who's starting on Monday

    Veg's Dad - Thank's again. Enjoy your trip to Malawi can't wait to hear about it.

    Blod's Mam

  11. Thank you BLOD. If you don't mind too much VEG, I have to say BLoD's food looks tastier than yours. The sausage pizza seems such a good idea. I make a pizza every Monday, usually with onions, mushrooms, sometimes pineapple and Jalepeno peppers and always with chorizo.
    Thanks again ladies.

  12. Oh please let that pror note post. I cannot write it again. Blogspot does NOT like a lot of us. Oh, Please, Blogspot!

  13. Well done Blod. You did a marvellous job filling in for Veg. All your dinners looked yummy but I thought today's dinner was the best and I'm going to have a go at making sausage pizza at home for my family. Your mum is obviously a very good cook. Best wishes, from the Robertson Family. x

  14. It was a very interesting week. I did not know that Wales is so different. Thank Blod.

  15. What do you do on American Day?!

    1. American Day was burgers and 'fries' - there was a good variety of costumes too, from cowboys to cheerleaders, and even a Hannah Montana impersonator! Here's the pics: