Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dinner- Washington, DC, USA

Hi VEG and VEG'S dad!

This is a picture of Benjamin's supper this evening.

He is having ground beef with veggies (carrots, peas and mushrooms) and toast sticks, steamed broccoli, apple sauce with nectarine, and a sippy cup of water. He's 14 months old, but I think he could eat all of the dinner you get during the school year because he has 16 teeth already!

Food-o-meter- 8/10 (he isn't too fond of the apple sauce, though I am not sure why)
Mouthfuls- i lost count at 40, after he took out a bunch of broccoli, looked at it and then put it back in to his mouth... does that count as one bite or two? hmmm...
Courses- supper/dessert/drink
Health Rating- 10/10 (for grown ups, we shouldn't eat so much beef, even local/kindly raised beef, but Benjamin is a bit anemic, so beef is very healthy for him!)
Price- about $3
Pieces of hair- 0
Pieces thrown on the floor- 4


  1. Hello Benjamin, That looks a really good dinner and again I see broccoli, peas and soldiers (great for dipping in a boiled egg).

    Is the apple sauce homemade, I only ask as some of the packaged apple sauce in the UK is gross. Not that I eat it.

    I find it really great when young children remove the food from their mouths, examine it and then put it back. It seems like they are associating the taste with the look and the colour. And if they don't like and you hide it next time, they find it.

    Great post and Thank you!!

  2. The broccoli in and back out cracked me up - talk about investigating your food! Do you have a dog to clean up the food on the floor, they are a good investment ;-)

  3. My guess about the applesauce is texture (will he eat a sliced apple?), when I was a child I was turned off of some foods because of the texture. An example would be cheese, I loved it melted but couldn't eat it in it's natural state. But I love all cheese now melted or not. 'They' say you are what you eat, so I must be a hunk of cheese!

  4. When I was a very young child (MANY years ago), my father lost his job. So Mom went to work, while Dad cared for me. The only thing he knew how to cook was scrambled eggs. I guess I got tired of them, because he would tell the story of how I would spit them out but he would cram them back in again! I do remember it was MANY years before I could eat eggs, and mashed potatoes too. It was the TEXTURE that bothered me. I can eat both foods now, but I cannot stomach the texture of a banana. Although I LOVE banana flavor. (especially in candy!)

    1. With my dad, it was tinned tomato soup.

      I was always happy that friends and neighbors brought us casseroles when my mum was in hospital. Otherwise us kids would have ended up living on tinned tomato soup! ;)

  5. I used to hate broccoli when I was little - they just seem to taste like nothing and are chewy like hamster potty! (not that I've ever tried that myself... they were my actual words as retold by my cousin) in the end my mum found that turning this veggie into mash did the trick, and now thank God I accept and eat it tree-shaped.;-)

  6. Nice that Benjamin likes broccoli then, since that is also a good source of iron.

    My vote on "double eating" is that it still counts as just one bite. :)

  7. If Benjamin likes fresh orange juice, you could try that as the drink instead - vitamin C increases the amount of iron the body absorbs. When my two girls were little, I would squeeze a couple of oranges (sieve out the 'bits'!) and dilute with a little water - they loved it!