Thursday, 26 July 2012

2 Dinners- Sydney, Australia & Ashbourne, UK

Hi VEG, my name is Jamie and I have a 21 month old son Mason. We are from Sydney Australia and for dinner tonight we had barbecue steaks and Mason had lamb cutlets with roast potato and salad.

Food-O-Meter: 9/10 he loves tomatoes and olives
Mouthfuls: a lot! Mas usually takes around an hour to finish his meals
Course: Main
Health Rating: 8/10
Price: around 6 or 7 dollars for his portion (about £4)
Hair: 0 :)
High chair escapes: 2

We also had apple pie for dessert and Mas had his with a cup of milk (he had water with his dinner)

I love your blog and check for updates every single morning while drinking my tea :) congratulations on achieving so much for Mary's meals and good luck for the future :) much love Jamie and Mas xo

From Sydney to Ashbourne!

Howdylydoodly everybody, my names Jessica! I live in the English countryside in a small village with my little girl Julie, I absolutely love reading NeverSeconds blog; it has given me so many ideas on how to vary my daughters dinner! Julie is 6 years old and loves baking and helping me cook the meals herself, she is probably more willing to try new things than I am! Her favourite thing to make is cranberry muffins, she runs off to her room to lick the bowl clean when we have finished making them, and I'm left with everything else to wash up!

Today for her dinner I made her Grilled Smoked Basa fish, with lots of mixed veg and a small bowl of wholemeal pasta in a some vegetable stock , I have to overcook the pasta till its really mushy because she won't eat it otherwise. I also I had to help her finish the fish because I had given her a very big fillet, her own words claim it to be 'Very scrummy!' though. Later on she had a milkshake made with milk, ice cubes and coco powder all blended up. I was going to take a picture but she had already drank most of it by the time I found my camera!

Food-O-Meter: She gave it a "8 maybe 9"
Mouthfuls: She lost count! A lot though because the veg kept falling off her spoon!
Courses: Dinner
Health rating:10/10 I tried to balance it with the food groups
Price: About £1.30 for her portion
Leftovers: Nope, apart from a lone pea!

It's an honour to be starred on such a great blog, I hope VEG never stops!


  1. Now I'm super hungry. I think I'll head home and get some lunch! Thanks for the pictures. :)

  2. One thing I am noticing is the portion sizes are HUGE for children so young. I know not all the food makes it in the mouth, and as one lady said, she had to "help" her child eat all the fish, but WOW! at these portions. It would be more than enough for me, an adult. I still remember my lunch well when I was 5 - 4 Ritz crackers, a slice of American cheese, and a disposable bathroom cup size amount of orange drink. Not healthy, but never remember being hungry.

  3. Wow, Jessica, Juli has a big appetite! Those are both great-looking meals. Nice to see small kids (Julie and Mason both) eating regular food (you know, not chicken nuggets or fish fingers).

  4. Jamie, I am impressed that your son eats veggies so well! and that too at 21 months old :) Great looking meal!

    Jessica, so nice to see Julie appreciating food at such an early age. Cooking is a skill that will help her eat healthy when she is older. And I am with you when it comes to appreciating NeverSeconds. Seeing all these meals inspires me to make my son's meals healthier.
    Thanks VEG and VEG's dad for making such a difference!

  5. Howdy! Jessica Criss here! Thank you for all the comments! I just wanted to answer your questions briefly. This is Julie's biggest meal of the day so that's why the portion sizes are pretty hefty. She also has a fast metabolism so she can afford to eat a lot, but what she eats is usually healthy! Apart from the occasional treats of course, like her favourite Cranberry Muffins! Thank you once again its lovely getting feedback!
    Jessica xx

  6. What a day of wonderful meals today. Not a dud in the lot. Glad I haven't eaten yet or I would have to go back for another sitting. May have to load up a bit to satisfy my eyes if not my stomach. Just kidding everybody. I will only have my usual. Thank you to all the chefs for a marvelous culinary display. Rock on tomorrow!

  7. The smoked Basa fish looks delish! I love Basa as it's so versatile! It's funny that your daughter says her food is scrummy because my kids use that exact expression often! Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. This looks HUGE for a 6 year old! I would eat that amount of fish and vegetables myself...or less fish....
    But also two cutlets for a toddler seems extreme too. Is this just me, or do you think it's a lot of food for both children?