Saturday 17 November 2012

Busy with books

Thank you Ian for your dinners from San Diego (38s, I am out of practice). I have never seen trays like that before and it must be very strange to use them. I do agree with your scores though.

On Wednesday my whole family went to Manchester to Media City where the BBC make television programmes. We went because we launched our book on Thursday and we were invited by Louise who came to our house with The One Show.

Louise and Charlie were really nice and it was easy to chat to them. They showed a clip from Malawi and Dad and I sneaked onto the sofa when it was on. That's how they do it. I didn't watch it because I don't like seeing myself. Louise met us after the show but I didn't eat in the BBC canteen so no photo and rating! She took us to meet Helen Skelton from Blue Peter and Barney the dog. He is very cute but he has small legs. I think his legs look longer on television. You can see we all had to wear a pass with our photo on to go into the buildings.

Helen took us all to the Blue Peter studio. There were so many lights above you that you couldn't see the ceiling.

When we were going we met Barney the other presenter outside. He signed my special copy of my book. Barney said he did a portrait but it was just two dots and a line!

Travelling in a car when it rains makes me sleepy and I slept on the way to Glasgow. Journalists came to meet us in a cafe in an arch under the railway and we also went by taxi to the STV studios. Dad had to wear more make up! I signed some books for Rona and you can see the interview here. We filmed it in the afternoon but I was in bed when it was on.

Here are some of our books at the book launch. I signed a lot of copies and thank you to everyone that came.

There weren't many left at the end of the night. Our book is going to be in WHSmiths across the UK, Waterstones in Scotland and independent bookshops everywhere. I think we broke Amazon by selling out but more copies will be there tomorrow and the printers are making more today. It went into the top 200 on Amazon. You can also get it on a Kindle from Amazon websites all over the world but my favourite is in Japan! It doesn't matter where you buy our book every copy gives children 25 meals in Malawi and that's why we wrote it.

When I was in Glasgow my Aunt and Uncle went to the The Scottish Politician of the Year awards. I won an award for best campaigner which I want to share with all of you and with the children at Lirangwe School. When I do interviews I am always asked about the children at Lirangwe school singing. It is not something I will forget.

Thank you!



  1. You "broke Amazon" That's awesome - congratulations :)

  2. Wow great job Martha! You've done a really good thing that some people aren't able to do in a lifetime.

    Keep up the goodwork!

  3. Thanks, Veg. I bought a copy which I'm saving to read on my flight. I'm flying from Auckland to Christchurch in New Zealand, which is only about an hour of time we're allowed to use the Kindle.
    Good luck with the book sales, I'm sure you'll break some records.

  4. So glad I pre-ordered the new NeverSeconds book before you broke Amazon.

    Finished the book, and a really great read, as I have written before: wet eyes & smiles, for a first book very impressive, hopefully, there may be a part 2.

    Well done on the award, so looking forward to you winning more.

    Great interviews from links above.

    Is your Dad getting used to the make up now, I noticed he had eye liner & blusher on at the launch event ;)

    All the best for London on Monday 18th.

  5. "breaking Amazon" is an impressive feat, kiddo. keep up the great work.

  6. Congratulations Martha! Great news about the book sales and the award ! Looks like you had fun at the studios :)
    I was able to view the Glasgow interview. You did so well! You show great poise and grace for someone your age on TV.

  7. Fantastic, Martha! All so brilliant. I'm waiting for my6 book to arrive - Amazon posted it last week.

  8. The quest continues to find a copy of NeverSeconds. Today a round trip across three counties.

    - The Quest for NeverSeconds

    Still no joy.

    Thanks for the links to the two TV programmes. I enjoyed watching.

    A tip: If you feel nervous, think excited.

    Well done on the Liberty Award last night!

    - Martha Payne Human Rights Young Person of the Year

    Here is Mr Bean for you playing an invisible drum kit.

    - Rowan Atkinson – Invisible Drum Kit

  9. Many thanks to you Veg for helping to bring awareness to the necessity of having healthy meals available to our youth. I am a teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA as well as a health and fitness enthusiast. Admittedly I don't eat in my school's cafeteria because I feel as if I can make more nutritious meals in my own home but sadly many of my students don't have the same options as I. Keep up the good work!!

  10. You know how your blog is based on something, well I have one and it isn't based on anything really here's a link (if it works)

  11. Hey Veg! I've missed your blog SO MUCH!
    University preparation took a lot of my spare time in 2012 but now I can breathe; my classes start only in april; first year, freshman girl... I'm so excited!
    Anyway, now I'm enrolled in a cinema class online, so I can visit my favorite blogs again and spend a lot of time reading.
    I've never realized that your last name is Payne. Just like one of my currently favorite singers, Liam! haha

    Have a great week!
    I'm searching about how to buy your book... Idk if Amazon delivery in Brazil, I hope so.

    Lots of love!

    -- Renata