Friday, 7 September 2012

Tacos today not pizza.


Last time this week. I had fun learning about food and will miss
sending reports. But I will ask more questions about my food from now
on. Knowing what is in the different foods is interesting. When I
started I thought it would be boring.

Yesterday I told uncle there would be a taco special today in the
school cafeteria and I would like to try them. He said I had been very
helpful all week for Veg's food blog and helping to raise money for
Mary's Meals
so I deserved a treat. I am glad there are hungry kids
who will now get to eat because of Veg, her dad and all the people who
sent money to Mary's Meals. Please keep sending money when you can and
to those who haven't sent money yet please do it soon.

The tacos were good. There were a lot of veggies in it, some grated
cheddar cheese, chicken and a small amount of sauce. Everything was
just perfect to me. Uncle was surprised at how good it looked. I think
he thought it would be more like a fast food taco. He was glad I made
the picture look good so people could see the food better. We had
talked about that and how food can be better if it looks good as well
as tastes good. I tucked the soft taco cover under so you could see
the taco stuffing and took the fruit off its bowl to put on the plate
with the taco. I also remembered the comment from 'lotsasmiles' about
water but I really like milk. So I had the milk. I got busy arranging
the food so I forgot to put the milk in the picture. Sorry.

Here is my rating.

Food-o-meter - 10/10 I liked everything.
Health rating - 9/10 To me it was all good but I took one off because
I had lots of fruit.
Bites - 54.
Courses - Main and dessert.
Price - Taco special - $3.00. Regular price would be $5.00, fruit
snack $1.60 (I had two portions), and milk $0.75. Total - $5.35
Pieces of hair - 0. No hair all week.

I hope everyone continues to support Veg and Mary's Meals and that we
all learn more about our food all around the world. This is a fun way
to learn.

Wela'lin (thank you) to everyone.


Jagej's uncle here.
It has been a very interesting week for us and it was exciting to see
Jagej engage with Elders about Mi'kmaq culture and food. We both
learned a great deal and think we both know we have a lot more to
learn. It has become more interesting to look back at previous posts
from other cultures and both of us will follow future ones avidly. As
our 10-year-old guide has said - wela'lin.


  1. I have loved Jagej's reviews, but there's one thing that has been bugging me-
    Please don't take points away for sugar in fruit! That's still healthier than the same amount of sweets!

    1. Jagej's uncle here.
      I think we can blame the adults in his life for having so effectively hammered the message home about the ills of too much sugar. You correctly suggest natural sugars are better than refined but I think Jagej overcompensates when rating sugar content in his food. Until now he did not differentiate between the two. However, I think from his school lunch choices of Thursday and Friday we can see he makes some very good choices for a 10-year-old. Being a bit off his valuation is not bad for his age and knowledge. It is wonderful that he loves to eat raw vegetables. A rarity these days even for adults.

  2. I don't often post comments, though I love to read the blog. However I wanted to let you know that I think you've done an absolutely fabulous job during your week of showcasing traditional and school foods. I'm impressed with how healthy your diet is and I think you could probably teach me a thing or two about nutrition!

  3. Thank you for sharing your lunches this week, Jagej! Your arrangement of the tacos today definitely made them look more appetizing. Makes me want tacos for dinner tonight! :)

  4. Thank you for posting, Jagej! It was really interesting to read about the Mi'kmaq culture as I hadn't heard of Mi'kmaq before!

  5. I would have given this a health rating of 10/10. No need to take off a point for having a lot of fruit! You did a very good job of photographing this meal and I've loved your blogs. Nice job!

  6. Jagej, Thank you very much for your wonderful, informative posts. I particularly enjoyed reading about the Mi'kmaq food. I hope you really enjoy your new school, including the pizza!

  7. Both your home-prepared food and school meals this week have looked healthy and appetising. It is particularly impressive that raw salads, fresh vegetables or fruit have featured in all your meals. And I'm pleased you haven't yet succumbed to the temptation of pizza, although I agree as an occasional 'treat' it is delicious :) Here in Scotland I very occasionally have battered fish and chips, but only about twice a year - that way it remains a treat and doesn't do too much harm (I hope!).

  8. Hello Martha! I just read a Brazilian news website about your book and what you will do with the money from it. I would like to give you and your family congratulations for this beautiful attitude. I was deeply touched in hearing that your family wants you to be remembered for that and not for becoming rich. God bless you and your family! :D Marcia

  9. thank you very much jagej, it was very interesting to hear about your culture.
    all of your food looked really good and healthy!

    well done. hoping to hear from you again soon.

  10. What a great week of blogging Jagej (and uncle!) - there has been some really interesting information about cultural attitudes to food and both your school lunches and those you had at home look healthy, nutritious and appealing. I hope you continue to enjoy your new school!

  11. Jagej, a great meal and a really good week of blogging.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, along with Uncle's.

    Be proud of your achievement, and maybe we will see you on here in the future, or another member from the Mi'kmaq community.


  12. Jagej (and Uncle), thank you so much for the wonderful job you've done presenting us your meals. Applying yourself on anything like you did for neverseconds will bring you success.
    Good luck for school.