Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Do you remember Pavlova from Australia? She has been getting ready to sell lemonade to raise money for Mary's Meals.

The lemons are from her friend Ashleigh's tree. There are so many! Pavlova's lemonade sale is on Wednesday and she has squeezed 25 litres of neat juice from the lemons.

Every $16 you raise will feed a child a Mary's Meal for a year! I hope you can take our total to £114,000 because that's exactly the cost of a kitchen and 10,000 children getting a Mary's Meal everyday for a year.

Thank you Pavlova and friends! Hope it's a sunny day for your sale.



  1. Those lemons are huge! Good luck Pavlova

  2. really are huge lemons! love homemade lemonade! mmm

  3. for my fave pen-name PAVLOVA! and as a fellow-Australian, but too far away here in Canberra to buy some Perth (Western Australia) lemonade, I'll contribute $16 to Veg's Mary's Meal -- and offer congrats to Pav and Ashleigh

    1. Thanks John- you are our first cyber sale! We will have a drink for you! With many thanks, Pavlova and her mum

  4. Very, very cool, good luck

    But also a very cool Pic ... "lemons from IKEA" LOL

  5. Pavlova - you have been busy! I love the pic :) Good luck. Love Julia

  6. those lemons look soooo yummy for lemonade :D

  7. I will also buy some of your lemonade, in fact I will buy $32 (AUD) worth of it, and make sure you sell it again to someone else :)

    Good luck with the sale on Wednesday.

    All the Best from the UK.

  8. I looove lemon juice, straight from the fruit. I'm also too far away, so here's another donation straight to Veg's Mary's Meals.

  9. You should sell bags of lemons too. I would buy some of those beautiful lemons!

  10. Good job Pav. The weather is just starting to get nice here in Melbourne. Would be the perfect time to buy some lemonade.

    Good luck with your sales.