Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back at school.

Pjila'si from Jagej,

Sorry to be late today. First day of school. Bus was late coming home
by almost 30 minutes. A new bigger school and now all the other kids are bigger than me. But they were nice. The cafeteria is a new part of school to me as well. My old elementary school had no cafeteria. We have food choices that every day include wraps, sandwiches, pitas and salads. And pizza! There are fruit and veggie trays with dips. Desserts include a choice of buns, muffins, cookies, bits and bites, biscuits, Doritos and fruit snacks. I knew there might be pizza because someone from another year told me. I told uncle and he said I should try some of the healthier things
first. So I decide to have a wrap and salad with apple juice. I was full so I
had no dessert today. The picture is a bit fuzzy because I used my cell phone camera and my cell phone is quite old.

Here is my lunch.

Food-o-meter - 8/10 Liked everything for a first school lunch of the
year. I wanted pizza so loses 2. Another time I guess.
Health rating - 7/10 Bacon and fat in the wrap sauce and sugar in the
apple juice.
Bites - 47. I don't take big bites.
Courses - Main.
Price - Salad $2.25, wrap $2.60 and juice $0.75. Total - $5.60
Pieces of hair - 0.

I hope the school year goes well. The first day I was a bit nervous
but everyone seems to be good so now I feel better about it.
Don't know yet what I will pick for tomorrow. Maybe pizza.

Hope you liked my choices today.



  1. Dear Jagej, I am really pleased your first day went well. Going to a new school can be a bit intimidating but yours sounds nice. I also think you did really well with your lunch choice! Pizza is very tempting : ) I am loving reading your blog every day - it's really interesting. Thanks!

  2. This is a very good report.
    Thank you for taking the time to write. The first day in a new school is always busy and stressful.

    The food from the cafeteria looks good and fresh (your phone takes good pictures). They have raw veggies your favorites, that's nice.

    If you think eating pizza is not too healthy for you, maybe you can balance your meal by drinking only water (no soft drinks).
    That way you can taste it and tell us if it's good. :)
    Good luck for your new year at school.


    1. Jagej's uncle here.
      In actual fact at Jagej's school soft drinks are not permitted. They get an offering of 1% white milk, chocolate milk, juices and bottled water only.

    2. Oh thank you for correcting, I think I used the wrong words, I meant "any beverage containing sugar", the ones I would avoid at the cafeteria would be chocolate milk ans juices.

      You mention that the water available is bottled water? Does that mean students even have to pay for water? Do they have at least access to free tap water?

  3. Well done for resisting the so tempting pizza! (Although, you will have to taste it at least once!!) My 8 year old son, would not have been as good as you ☺
    And also glad you had a nice first day in your new school.
    It has been fun reading your reports & you are so lucky to eat lobster whenever you fancy it! I am French (living in UK) and lobster is considered a bit as "posh" food in France. We tend to eat it on special occasion! In my family, it is always on Christmas Eve as a delicious starter ☺...

  4. Looks like you made a really healthy lunch choice! Pizza was always served on Fridays at my elementary school... can you get pizza every day?