Sunday 26 August 2012

We are Finalists!

Hi Hungry Birds! Veg here.

Thank you for sharing your lunches. Our dinners are very expensive because they cost £2.05p. That's 2.60 euros. I think a lot more children would have our school dinners if they were free. Parents would make us have them even if we didn't like them. Your soup was lovely and I can't believe you gave it the lowest score. That's mean!

I had some broccoli and greens from the polytunnel to use today so I made soup with garlic and a little cheese. I used the garlic because we had no onions ready. Even Dad had seconds and he scores soup low like you normally.

I wanted to try one of your dinners and so your teacher shared a recipe. It is for your chicken and pasta casserole that you had on Thursday. You scored it,

Food-o-meter: 10/10
Health rating: 8/10

Your recipe was very easy to follow but we never use dl, decilitres, in our recipes we say 100ml. Dad and I followed your instructions and we used honey from our own bees on the chicken as well.

Ours sauce looked much runnier, less thick, than yours but it was delicious! You can see we didn't have carrots ready either so we boiled some sweetcorn. I rate,

Food-o-metre: 10/10
Health Rating: 9/10

It has everything you want in it because it has protein, carbohydrates and lots of veg as well. I was full after mine and I didn't have dessert. I will post the recipe.

I found out last week I am in the final of the Great Scot Award! You can see the finalists here. It's great there is a guide dog and hospital clowns in the finals. It is a shame I won't meet them but my aunt and maybe my granny are going so they will. I will be asleep in Malawi because we are 2 hours ahead. I am waiting for news of the Friends of NeverSeconds kitchen. I hope they will be using it soon!

Next week we are going to spend a week in Seoul, South Korea (14 seconds. I must show you my globe soon!). I would like to cook a meal from Seoul as well next weekend. It's great trying different recipes. I don't think I will be able to use chopsticks but I want to learn.

33 days until Malawi!



  1. Finnish chicken and pasta casserole
    about 5 or 6 portions

    5-6 dl raw pasta (Capelli if possible)
    300-400 g chicken shreds in a honey marinade
    1 small onion
    2 chicken bouillons cubes
    2 vegetable broth cubes
    1 dl grated cheese
    tomato sauce
    some basil
    black pepper
    olive oli

    1. Boil the pasta. Add one chicken bouillon cube and one vegetable broth cube to the water. Pasta should be al dente. Turn over the boiling water but don’t flush the pasta.
    2. Brown the chicken shreds with crushed onion. Don’t burn the onion. Flavour with garlic, basil, oregano and black pepper.
    3. Mix the pasta and chicken and add them into oiled casserole.
    4. Make the sauce. Put 5dl water, 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce, 1 chicken bouillon cube and one vegetable cube to a pot and boil the water until the cubes are melted. Add grated cheese to the water. Mix the water until the cheese is melted. (Instead of grated cheese you use about 1 dl butter cheese (not fresh cheese))
    5. Turn the sauce over to the casserole. You can add some grated cheese at the top.
    6. Roast in oven heated in 175 -200 °C about 25-30 minutes.
    (If you can’t find the honey marinaded chicken, you can make the marinade from ½dl oil, 2 teaspoon honey, some salt and soy sauce. You can also add flavours you want)

  2. Well done Martha! Excellent idea colleague :)

  3. Wait a minute...Bees and honey?????
    That's an unusual farm animal!

    Who takes care of them? Do the bees recognize you?
    What kind of food do you give them?

    Thanks for the recipe VEG

    1. I had the same questions when I read that! It would be really interesting to learn more about how you keep bees in your smallholding :)

  4. Congratulations Veg!

    I do like this recipe, I think i'll try it this week! And I'm looking forward to going Seoul

    Best wishes

  5. I will be trying this Veg, but I need to translate it into cups and teaspoons, a good use of math skills. Keep up the good work. I love your blog. By the way, i just started raising meat chickens and I hope you don't mind but I named one after you. He is called Veggie and he is currently quite unsightly as the whole lot of them are molting and are in that stage between baby feathers and no feathers.

  6. Congratulations on being in the final of the Great Scot Award!

    All the best for that one!!!